The world's first installation of superconducting cable train operation test success

by:AAA     2020-04-11
( Industry news] The world's first a superconducting cable installation of train running test useful P the world's first successful superconducting cable installation of train running test success in Japan. The line of superconducting cable laying meters long, below zero degrees of transmission test under liquid nitrogen flows through the superconducting state. By has been committed to energy conservation research on railways in Japanese JR group integrated technology institute of success for the test. Japan railway comprehensive technology research institute in years started to research and development of superconducting cables and after eight years of repeated application of superconducting cable train pass test. Finally to bring it into commercial use rail lines, into the practical phase. The experiment USES the disease in Japan's shizuoka prefecture private 'jun bean line' the izu peninsula lines, in the date of the night for the world's first superconducting cable installation of train running test. Jun bean line of railway in substation of superconducting cable laying meters long, make the liquid nitrogen in the cable inner loop, cooled to below zero degrees in the state of dc electricity. The operation test by jun bean line. Km road, section of railway trains run back and forth, successful electric power supply. Japanese railway comprehensive institute of technology research and development of superconducting cables used both ends connect cooling system, make the liquid nitrogen cycle way of degrees below zero. Superconducting cable inside the liquid nitrogen flow and power flow layer overlap, electricity transmission under superconducting state degrees below zero. Superconducting state power loss is zero, because through cable transmission power that do not produce a loss on the train with called 'feeder' superconducting cable for power supply, no transmission losses, is applied to the consuming power of the railway on the energy saving effect is very obvious. Japanese railway integrated technology research institute has been laying in the territory of meters long superconducting feeder, vehicle traffic test for success. General railway line interval meters feeder need to shunt, therefore, need to determine the superconducting cable transmission technology using long enough. In the future will improve business line with the length of the superconducting cable, at the same time promote its commercialization.
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