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Why The Cable Armored And Stranded

Why The Cable Armored And Stranded

Armored cable refers to the cable with the metal armor protective layer. The purpose of the cable plus armor layer is to prolong the service life of the cable by enhancing mechanical properties such as tensile strength and compressive strength and also to improve the anti-interference performance of the cable through shielding.

Armored Cable Uses: Armored Cables Mechanical protective layers can be added to any structural cable to increase the mechanical strength of the cable and increase its erosion resistance. It is designed for areas subject to mechanical damage and susceptibility to corrosion. Can be laid in any way, more suitable for direct burial in the rock area.

Commonly used armored materials are steel, steel, aluminum, aluminum, etc., including steel, steel wire armor with high permeability, good magnetic shielding effect, can be used for anti-low frequency interference, and can armor Buried cable installed directly from the tube and cheap and practical use of more.

Different specifications of different numbers of copper wire according to a certain order of arrangement and lay length stranded together, becomes a larger diameter conductor, this stranded conductor of large diameter stranded than the same diameter of a single branch Copper wire is softer, wire bending performance is good, rocking test is not easy to break, for some soft requirements of the wire (for example, medical grade wire) easier to meet the requirements.

Why should the cable armored and twisted? From the electrical performance said: After the conductor is energized, the resistance consumes power and heat. As the temperature increases, the performance life of the insulation and protective layer materials will be affected. In order to make the cable run efficiently, the cross-section of the conductor should be enlarged, but the single wire with a large cross-section is not easy to bend and has poor flexibility, which is not good for production, transportation, installation, and laying. From the mechanical properties also requires flexibility, reliability, twisted together with more than one twist, you can solve the contradiction.

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