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Guangdong Cable Factory Manufacturing High Quality Cable

Guangdong Cable Factory Manufacturing High Quality Cable


Wires are an important part of every home decoration that needs to be carefully purchased. Home improvement is inseparable from the wires, especially the old houses. A lot of fires are caused by aging of the wires, unreasonable configuration, or poor quality of the wires. Therefore, when you buy the wire, you must polish your eyes and carefully identify them to prevent them from happening. So which wire and cable brand is good?
     At present, there are many types of wires on the market, many specifications, and chaotic prices. It is very difficult for consumers to choose. In terms of the price of two kinds of copper core wires of 2.5 square millimeters and 4 square millimeters commonly used in home decoration, the same specification of one wire, because of different manufacturers, the price can vary by 20% to 30%. As for the quality, the length is up to standard, consumers are more difficult to determine. So, how do you identify the pros and cons when buying a wire? The following GUANGDONG CABLE FACTORY will share with you some considerations for purchasing cables.
     One has to look. Look at the quality system certification; see if the certificate is standardized; see if there is a factory name, site, inspection chapter, production date; see if the trademark is printed on the wire, specifications, voltage, etc. Also look at the cross section of the copper core of the wire, the superior color of the copper color is bright, the color is soft, otherwise it is a defective product. In fact, identifying the wire and cable brand is relatively simple, because the generally better wire and cable brands, their packaging is more beautiful. The packaging of wire and cable products is the same as other products. For large and medium-sized formal enterprises that produce products that meet the requirements of national standards, the wire and cable produced are very focused on product packaging.
     Second, I have to try. It is advisable to repeatedly bend a wire head by hand. Any soft touch, good fatigue resistance, strong plastic or rubber feel and no crack on the wire insulation are excellent products. In order to obtain huge profits, producers of counterfeit and inferior wire and cable, in spite of the interests of consumers, mass produce inferior wire and cable products, disrupt the wire and cable market, and damage the interests of users. Therefore, the correct choice of wire and cable is very important, what kind of products are in line with national standards? In order to improve product quality and ensure that products meet the requirements of national standards, wire and cable enterprises that meet the requirements of national standards will strictly control the purchase of raw materials, production equipment and production processes.
     Therefore, the appearance of wire and cable products produced by a good wire and cable brand meets the standard requirements: smooth and round, uniform color. The appearance of counterfeit and inferior products is rough and dull. For rubber insulated flexible cables, the appearance is required to be round, and the sheath, insulation, and conductor are not easily peeled off. The counterfeit and inferior product has a rough appearance, a large ovality, and a low insulation strength of the sheath, which can be torn off by hand. Fourth, the conductor is shiny, the DC resistance, the size of the conductor structure, etc. meet the requirements of national standards. Wire and cable products that meet the requirements of national standards, whether it is aluminum material conductor or copper material conductor are relatively bright and oil-free, so the DC resistance of the conductor is in full compliance with national standards, with good electrical conductivity and high safety. Fifth, the length is accurate. Length is the main intuitive method to distinguish between national standards and counterfeit products. The length of wire and cable products that meet the requirements of national standards meets the national standard of 100±0.5m (that is, the standard deviation of 0.5 meters is 100 meters), which protects the interests of consumers.

 As a large wire and cable enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales. After more than fifty years of baptism, GUANGDONG CABLE FACTORY has developed into a cable enterprise with an area of more than 300 acres and an annual production capacity of 10 billion. The company specializes in the production of power cables, home-made cables, solar cable, rubber cable, control lines, special cables, fire-retardant, fire-resistant, low-smoke halogen-free and other dozens of series of thousands of specifications and models. The company also introduces advanced wire and cable manufacturing technology, advanced wire and cable production equipment, testing equipment, German imported wire drawing equipment, automatic shaker packing equipment, automatic PVC granulation equipment. In order to follow the construction of the national power grid, the company also purchased advanced 35KV cross-linked cable production line, cross-linking production line and other advanced wire and cable production lines. It is a wire and cable manufacturing enterprise with strong competitiveness in China.


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