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What Are The Main Raw Materials Of Wire And Cable

What Are The Main Raw Materials Of Wire And Cable


 What are the main raw materials of wire and cable

Wire and cable materials

First, polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

1.PVC general electrical parameters

Volume resistivity ρ = 1010 ~ 1012Ω. m, dielectric loss tangent tgδ (50 Hz) = 0.05 to 0.15 and dielectric constant ε = 4 to 8 (50 Hz).

2.PVC for insulation and sheathing materials

1) PVC as a wire and cable insulation with the performance: not easy to burn, anti-aging, oil, chemicals, impact resistance, easy to color; but because of the dielectric constant, generally only as a low voltage cable insulation materials and control cables insulation .

2) PVC as a wire and cable sheath with the performance: good wear resistance, resistant to oil, acid, alkali, bacteria, moisture and sunlight, and the role of self-extinguishing flame; PVC Set of the minimum operating temperature of -40 degrees, high temperature up to 105 degrees.

Second, polyethylene (PE)

1. PE general physical properties: a white waxy, translucent, soft and tough, slightly elongation, lighter than water, non-toxic; Combustion characteristics: flammable, continue to burn after the fire, the flame is yellow at the top and the bottom was Blue, melted and drip when burning, and emits the smell of paraffin burning; polyethylene processing melting point range is 132 ~ 1350C, ignition temperature is: 3400C, auto-ignition temperature is: 3900C. Polyethylene has excellent electrical insulation properties and is widely used for the insulation of communication cables.

2. General electrical parameters of polyethylene:

Volume resistivity ρ> 1015Ω.m, melt index MI = 0.17 ~ 2.0, dielectric constant ε = 2.25 ~ 2.35 (50Hz).

Third, ethylene - vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA)

1. EVA is a class of rubber-like thermoplastic elastomer, its performance and the content of vinyl acetate (VA) has a great relationship: the smaller the VA the more like high-pressure polyethylene, while the more VA the more the more rubber. Low VA content EVA high-pressure polyethylene, soft and good impact strength, should be made of composite materials.

2.EVA has good flexibility and low-temperature flexibility, chemical resistance, weather resistance.

3. Copolymerization with LDPE can improve LDPE's environmental cracking resistance, impact resistance, hardness and adhesion between conductors and insulation.

Fourth, polypropylene (PP)

The specific gravity of polypropylene is 0.89-0.91, which is the smallest proportion of the commonly used plastics. The mechanical strength is excellent. The softening temperature is the highest in the thermoplastic resin, low temperature resistance,and aging resistance are good. Improvements can be made by adding stabilizers through copolymerization.

The above introduces the main raw materials of 
wire and cable products, if you want to understand the specific products, please consult us!


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