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What is the difference between bv wire and bvr wire?

What is the difference between bv wire and bvr wire?


What is the difference between bv wire and bvr wire?

1、What is the difference between BV wire and BVR wire?

 The bv wire is a single-core copper wire, and the bvr wire is a multi-strand wire or a flexible wire. The bv wire is composed of a wiring, and the bvr wire is composed of multiple conductors and insulating layers, and it will be used in some soft positions. 

The bv wire is particularly hard, and it is generally used in hidden places, and the use time is also relatively long, and it is not easy to oxidize. However, it is difficult to bend, and if it is bent, it will be damaged. The bvr wire is very soft, it can be used through a tube, and the use time is short, and it is easy to oxidize.

2、The house wiring is to choose BV wire or BVR wire?

The hardness of the bv wire is different from that of the bvr. If it is used in the family, you can choose bv wire. And it's pretty simple to install too. However, when installing, it is necessary to select different wires according to different places and different needs.

3、What are the advantages and disadvantages of bv wire and bvr wire?

The hardness of BV wire is very high, it can be used in concealed works. And the use of a long time, and not easy to have oxidation and aging phenomenon. However, after bending and folding, it is difficult to restore the BV wire. And after bending, the wire will be damaged, so that it can not be used normally.

BVR wire is soft, it can be used in bending engineering, it can also be used through the pipe. And it is not prone to fracture phenomenon, and the operation is relatively simple. Its wires are soft, so it lasts a little bit shorter. If it is used in a humid environment, there will be oxidation. 

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