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Why are solar cables more expensive than regular cables?

Why are solar cables more expensive than regular cables?


Why are solar cables more expensive than regular cables?


一、Price difference between solar cables and ordinary cables

Compared to ordinary cables, solar cables have higher requirements for material and technical performance, and their prices are also relatively high. The price of single core solar cables with pure copper conductors is relatively higher than that of multi-core cables with aluminum alloy conductors. Therefore, the price of solar cables varies depending on the application scenario and material.

二、Characteristics and application scenarios of different types of solar cables

1. Single core solar cable

The production process requirements for single core solar cables are particularly high, and high-purity copper is required as the conductor, and high temperature and high pressure injection molding technology is used for processing. The key components of photovoltaic power stations in the market are all single core cables, and the price per unit length is also higher than ordinary cables.

2. Multi core solar cables

Compared to single core solar cables, multi-core solar cables are relatively cheaper in price. The multi-core solar power supply line is PV1-F line, and TUV certification has stronger reliability because it has characteristics such as environmental protection, fire resistance, tunability, high temperature resistance, and slim shell.

3. Solar cables for DC junction boxes

The solar cables used in solar DC junction boxes can be certified for packaging color, length, and standard, and can also be customized for wiring color and length. It often has multiple characteristics such as fire resistance, high temperature resistance, low smoke and halogen-free.

三、How to choose the appropriate solar cable

The price of solar cables varies due to different application scenarios and materials. So, when making a purchase, it is important to consider one's own industry, technology, and scenario to determine whether it is necessary to choose high-quality products with higher prices.

When choosing, the first thing to consider is the actual application scenario of the cable. If it is a key cable for solar photovoltaic power generation systems, it is necessary to consider its long-term use in outdoor environments, as well as the durability and safety of the cable. At this point, it is recommended to choose single core solar cables or TUV certified photovoltaic cables with higher prices.

If it is only used for auxiliary transmission cables, ordinary solar cables can be chosen, which can meet the demand and have a relatively low price.

In short, when purchasing solar cables, we need to consider the actual demand and price level comprehensively. Meanwhile, to ensure the quality of cables, it is recommended to choose products produced by reputable manufacturers.

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