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Advantages of PV Solar Cable

Advantages of PV Solar Cable


In addition to saving electricity and green electricity, solar energy and home energy storage products also have a function that is easy to be ignored, that is, emergency and guarantee. In a certain period, people pay particular attention to this role.

A sense of crisis arose due to the Australian Bushfires and the outbreak of COVID 19. People tend to buy more environmentally friendly products in order to ensure their normal life in uncertain times. When people are isolated at home, they consume more electricity, and on-site generation and consumption of energy are a way to ensure the supply, driving the surge in sales of solar energy and energy storage devices.

The solar industry in affected countries is expected to take a considerable hit from the Coronavirus, as most of the industry's solar panels are imported from China. However, according to New Energy Finance, Photovoltaic modules production in China has now resumed, although there may be a short term supply shortage, it will give priority to meeting export demand.

Different from other underground PVC or XLPE power cables laid indoor or in a protected environment, solar cables are specifically used in  outdoor photovoltaic energy generation system, which requires it must possess the following performances:


Withstanding large temperature range

Solar cables are able to adapt in a relatively high and low temperature circumstance in different tough areas

Pvc insulated cable temperature: -25℃~70℃

Xlpe insulated cable temperature: -20℃~90℃

PV solar cable temperature: -40℃~125℃


Humidity and water resistance

Humidity has the direct influence to the cable aging property. Solar cables can be use in some humid environments such as wet areas and pond as its insulation and sheath materials can withstand 85% humidity


UV resistance

Solar cables are able to ensure the normal working even it is laid exposed in desert areas with solar ultraviolet radiation intensity


Acid and alkali resistance

PV cables can be found in seaside and tidal flat areas with high salinity. Because its tinned copper conductor has a certain oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance, its protective sheath passes salt spray test according to GB/T2423.17-2008 standard and acid-alkali test according to GB/T 2951.12-2008 requirement


Ozone resistance

Photovoltaic cables are possible used in high ozone areas where have a certain corrosion effect on the cable sheath and accelerates aging. Solar cables pass ozone resistance test according to GB/T2951.21-2008 standard which requires no crack in 0.025-0.030% ozone concentration within 24 hours. Thus solar cables can guarantee normal operation under high ozone circumstance.


AAA Guangdong Cable Factory solar cables are certified by TUV 2PfG 1169 / EN 50618 / UL 4703

Conductor: tinned copper wire

Insulation: irradiated XLPO

Sheath: irradiated XLPO

Rated voltage: 1500V

No. of cores: 1 core, 2 cores or more

Nominal cross section: 2.5/4/6/10mm² or more

Working temperature: -40℃~125℃


GUANGDONG CABLE FACTORY is a worldwide cable supplier in China, more than 50 years experience in wire and cable area. AAA brand products are certified by ISO, CE, UL, IEC, VDE, ASTM, AS & SPLN and so on.

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