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How to identify the quality of solar cables?

How to identify the quality of solar cables?


How to identify the quality of solar cables?

Solar technology is set to become one of the green energy technologies of the future and the use of photovoltaic cables is becoming more and more widespread at home and abroad. There are many types of photovoltaic cables on the market at present, and there are some poor quality cables. So when we buy cables, we need to know how to identify the merits of photovoltaic cables.

1TUV certification

Whether there is a TUV certificate is to distinguish whether it is a professional manufacturer, does not have the certification of the manufacturer in the production of raw materials procurement, process maturity, quality stability, reliability of electrical performance when many aspects are difficult to ensure.

2、Construction and dimensions

The main problem of structural dimensions is the thickness of the sheath and insulation thickness. General non-national standard products cut corners, copper wire will be thinner. Then measure the diameter of the core can determine whether the cable is up to standard.

3Combustion test

To determine whether it is a flame retardant cable and irradiated cable, a better way is to cut off a section and ignite. If it ignites quickly and burns on its own, it is clearly not a flame-retardant cable. If it takes longer to ignite, once it leaves the fire source, it will go out on its own and there is no pungent smell, which means it is a flame-retardant cable.

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