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Guangdong Cable Factory Teaches You To

Guangdong Cable Factory Teaches You To


    As a traditional manufacturing industry, the cable industry has slowed down the pace of joining the e-commerce trend compared to other manufacturing industries. The reason is that the institutional problems within the industry are the key to slow pace. But in this era of nationwide e-commerce, the cable industry can no longer stay out of the way, as Ma Yun said, either e-commerce or no business.

    As a competitive wire and cable manufacturing enterprise in the domestic cable industry, GUANGDONG CABLE FACTORY launched an online and offline sales network (ie, the official launch of the Alibaba platform) combines the traditional cable industry with e-commerce. According to the predication, the development of e-commerce will be more rapid, will integrate more traditional industries, cable companies will also meet the subversive reform. GUANGDONG CABLE FACTORY has seized the opportunity of e-commerce development, vigorously develops e-commerce, gradually realizes the combination of physical stores and Internet platforms, rationally uses Internet means, enhances the brand competitiveness of enterprises, and integrates the real economy with e-commerce. , set off a wave of innovation and development of enterprises.

Why can the GUANGDONG CABLE FACTORY capture the big trend of e-commerce?
    First of all, you can learn from the experience and talents of e-commerce in other industries. As the saying goes, the stone of other mountains can be used to attack jade. Because the cable industry itself does not have too many cable talents for e-commerce, it is not only necessary to try to bravely try to cross the river by feeling the stones, but also to help others.
    Second, the e-commerce network of the cable industry needs to have its own platform, an e-commerce network platform specifically for the wire and cable industry. Although some large cable companies are now building such platforms, they are not very mature and their influence is not great. This is also related to the immature e-commerce of the cable industry.
    Third, SMEs can hold a group. In the e-commerce platform, competition is more transparent, which also gives SMEs the opportunity to compete with big companies. 70% of the cable industry is a small and medium-sized enterprise. In the e-commerce platform, it can be a group development. This is the most important reform brought by cable e-commerce.


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