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Which wires and cables are used in photovoltaic power generation?

Which wires and cables are used in photovoltaic power generation?


Which wires and cables are used in photovoltaic power generation?

With the scarcity of non-renewable resources, more and more clean energy sources are now coming into the picture. Common clean renewable resources are hydroelectric power, wind power, solar power, bioenergy (biogas), geothermal energy (including ground and water sources) sea tides, etc. Today we will talk about those wires and cables required for solar power generation.

In addition to the photovoltaic line there are some models of cables to be used for this project, such as: power cables, control cables, communication cables, etc

Photovoltaic cables [PV1-F]

Because the photovoltaic cable has its excellent performance. Photovoltaic power generation required cables must be resistant to sunlight, photovoltaic power generation is dependent on the sun's irradiation and energy, and ordinary cable sheath anti-ultraviolet performance is poor, easy to cause the cable outer sheath aging, thus affecting the service life of the cable, can lead to cable short circuit, fire or staff dangerous injury and other problems.

Power cables [YJV22, vv]

Usually used in photovoltaic projects is YJV22 armored copper-core cable, YJV22 type of cable is usually used in photovoltaic projects as a converter to DC cabinet, DC cabinet to inverter, inverter to transformer, transformer to distribution device connection cable, distribution device to the grid connection cable. Usually YJV22 cable will be used as a flame retardant type of cable.

Control cables [KVVP]

KVVP copper core PVC insulated PVC sheathed braided shielded control cable. Usually used as AC rated voltage 450/750V and below control and monitoring circuits and protection lines.

Communication cable [DJYVRP2-22]

Communication cables are also commonly referred to as computer cables, and the common model is DJYVRP2-22.

The type of cable used in photovoltaic power generation projects also varies according to the project, but the photovoltaic line is indispensable.

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