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Introduction to the wire production process of Guangdong Cable Factory

Introduction to the wire production process of Guangdong Cable Factory


Introduction to the wire production process of Guangdong Cable Factory

The wire production process of Guangdong Cable Factory involves many links. Below I will introduce you to the general wire production process.


The first is the preparation of raw materials. The main raw materials of wires include copper wire, aluminum wire, insulation materials, etc. During the production process, raw materials that meet quality standards need to be prepared according to product specifications and requirements, and necessary inspections must be conducted.


Next is conductor manufacturing. In the wire production process, copper or aluminum wires first need to be made into conductors of appropriate size and diameter through processes such as drawing. This step is very important and affects the electrical conductivity and mechanical properties of the wire.


Then comes the insulation treatment. After the conductor is prepared, it needs to be insulated. This step is to coat the surface of the conductor with insulating material to protect the conductor from damage from the external environment. Commonly used insulation materials include polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, etc.


Followed by the braid layer (if any). For some special types of wire, a braid may be required. The braid provides additional protection and increases the wire's abrasion resistance and tensile strength.


Next is the sheath treatment. The sheathing of the wire helps protect the wire from mechanical damage and corrosion from the external environment. The sheath is usually made of polyvinyl chloride and other materials, and sheaths of different colors and materials can be selected according to needs.


The last step is cutting and coiling. After processing in the previous steps, the main structure of the wire has been completed. Next, the wire is cut to the required length, coiled, and packaged. This way, the wire can be easily stored and transported.


In a word, the wire production process of Guangdong Cable Factory has gone through raw material preparation, conductor manufacturing, insulation processing, braiding layer (if any), sheath processing, cutting and coiling. The operation and control of each link are crucial to ensure that the quality and performance of the wires meet product standards and meet customer needs.


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