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Guangdong Cable Factory's Analysis of Non-national Standard Cable

Guangdong Cable Factory's Analysis of Non-national Standard Cable


    "Non-standard wire" is to save costs and cut corners

    "Standard wire", and almost every store owner recommends products. Will ask consumers whether they need "national standard wire" or "non-standard wire", and frankly, if consumers buy "national standard wire", the store can provide inspection certificate or test report; but if you buy "non-standard wire", not only does not detect certificates or reports will not be responsible for product quality in the future.

    It is understood that the wires used in the decoration are generally single-strand copper core wires. The cross-sectional area is mainly three specifications, which are 4.0 square millimeters, 2.5 square millimeters and 1.5 square millimeters respectively. Different wires are selected according to different electrical appliances. 

    In fact, "non-standard wire" refers to the wire, the diameter of the wire, the thickness of the outer insulation layer and other items that do not meet the national standards, and its price is relatively cheaper. The "national standard wire" is produced according to national standards, the quality is good, the number of meters, wire diameter and other standards are up to standard, the price is also more expensive. Generally, the "national standard wire" is usually 100 meters in length, while the "non-standard wire" is marked with a length of 100 meters, and the actual length is only 85 meters to 95 meters.

    In addition, "non-standard wires" mostly reduce the actual cross-sectional area of the copper core to reduce costs. For example, the diameter of the copper core of the double-shaped copper core wire with a cross-sectional area of 2.5 square millimeters should be 1.78 mm, but the diameter of the copper core produced by some merchants is only 1.6 mm or even lower, so that the actual cross-sectional area of the copper core is fundamental. Less than 2.5 square millimeters. In a shop, a wire called "2.5 square millimeters", after field measurements, found that the copper core diameter of the wire is less than 1.4 mm. Such "non-standard wire" for cutting corners can easily lead to short-circuit tripping or burnout of the power supply main gate, lurking huge fire hazards.

    "Non-standard wire" huge profits can be repeated
    After many studies, Minjiang Cable knows that there will be “non-standard wires” other than “national standard wire” on the market, and it is closely related to some wire production enterprises and decoration construction parties to cut costs and save profits in pursuit of profit.

    It is understood that for a cable with a length of 100 meters and a cross-sectional area of 2.5 square millimeters, the two panels have basically no difference in appearance. The "national standard wire" is priced from 130 yuan to 170 yuan, and "non-standard wire" The price is only about 90 yuan to 120 yuan, and it is nearly one-third cheaper.

    Some decorating customers say that few consumers now buy such basic materials themselves, mostly relying on the introduction and recommendation of the merchants. And some decoration "guerrillas", small-scale decoration companies, driven by the interests, large-scale purchase of low-cost "non-standard wire", so that inferior "non-standard wire" can go down the production line, go to the counter, go Entering the construction site has laid a huge hidden danger for the future safety of electricity.

    At present, the concentration of wire and cable industry in China is low, and the supply of high-end products is insufficient. In contrast, the cost of “non-standard wires” is low and more profitable. This is also the main reason why "non-standard wires" are repeatedly banned. "Non-standard wire" is about one-third cheaper than the "national standard wire". Whether it is a decoration or a retailer, as long as the "non-standard wire" is purchased at a low price and then sold at a high price, then the difference in the middle is into the personal pockets.

    Clearing "non-standard wires" still requires many efforts

    At present, the national standard "Cable GB" GB5023-1997, "Rated voltage 450/750V and below PVC insulated cable" GB/T5023-2008 and other standards for different specifications of cable and wire in the "mark", "insulation before aging resistance Items such as "strength", "tensile strength before sheathing", and "conductor resistance" have strict requirements. The existence of "non-standard wire" is no longer a secret in the industry. There are many "non-standard wires" on the market and even pretend to be brand-name labels. Consumers are unaware of this. In order to standardize the market and eradicate inferior "non-standard wires" in the market at an early date, it recommends that industrial planning and government guidance should be strengthened first. To manage and use government investment well, the competent authorities should strengthen supervision and supervision. Standardize the market competition order, purify the market environment, wire and cable production enterprises themselves must strengthen self-discipline, construction units must strictly control the quality of wire and cable. It has always felt that "as long as there is no market and no sales, naturally no one will make a fake."


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