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Factory Introduction- Take you into the electric wire production workshop

Factory Introduction- Take you into the electric wire production workshop


Factory Introduction- Take you into the electric wire production workshop


The wire production process is generally four processes. There are drawing process ,bunch-strand process , extrusion molding process and knitting packaging.

1、Drawing.This process is to apply tensile force to the metal wire to obtain the plastic processing method of the product with the same size and shape as the mold. We select copper material, copper content is higher than 99.97%, good conductivity.

2、Bunch-strand.This is a process in which several single wires or strands of the same diameter or different diameters are twisted together in a certain direction to form a whole conductor.We use advanced production equipment and testing equipment to ensure quality.

3、Extrusion molding. This process is to heat and pressure the insulating material in the extruder, so that it becomes a molten flow state, and then continuously extrude it from the die mouth and shape the wrapping outside the conductor, forming the insulation layer of the wire.

4、Knitting packaging. The finished electric wire is packaged and bagged according to the length of 100 meters/roll by manual (or automatic) looping with a certain size and width.

The following video is the production process of the wire.

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