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What Is The Difference Between A Flame Retardant Cable And A Fire-resistant Cable

What Is The Difference Between A Flame Retardant Cable And A Fire-resistant Cable


What is the difference between a flame retardant cable and a fire-resistant cable?

It is easy to confuse the concept of flame retardant and fire-retardant 
cable, although the flame retardant cable has many advantages more suitable for chemical enterprises, such as low halogen, low smoke,and flame retardant, but in general, fireproof cables can replace flame-retardant cable, flame retardant cable and cannot replace the refractory cable.

A fire-resistant wire is a wire that can maintain a safe operation for a certain time in the condition of flame burning. Some people think that is not burning resistant wire and wire, wire is not actually fire burning, fire-resistant wire is at the time of the fire, still can guarantee the normal electric line in a certain time, it is in certain combustion conditions; within a certain period of time, normal transmission can transmit various control signals, alarm the signal, lighting, fire alarm devices, and other emergency equipment to power in time, the rescue work is normal.

The difference between the flame retardant cable and the fire-resistant cable is mainly:

1, the difference of principle

The principle of fire resistant cable and flame retardant cable is different. The halogen cable's flame retardancy principle is based on halogen flame retardant effect. The halogen-free cable's flame retardancy principle is to extinguish the fire calcining by analyzing the outlet water and decreasing the temperature. The fire-resistant cable is based on the fire-resistant and heat-resistant characteristics of mica material in the refractory layer, so that the cable will work well in the fire.

2, the difference between structure and material

The structure and material of the fire-resistant cable are not the same as the flame retardant cable.

The basic structure of the flame retardant cable is:

(1) a flame retardant material is used in the insulating layer

(2) flame-retardant materials are used in the sheath and outer protective layer.

(3) flame-retardant materials are used for wrapping and filling.

The fire resistant cable usually adds 1 refractory layers between the conductor and the insulating layer, so theoretically, a fire-retardant and fire-resistant cable can be formed by adding a refractory layer to the structure of the flame-retardant 
cable, but actually, it is not necessary.

Because the fireproof layer fireproof cables, usually using multilayer mica tape wrapped directly on the wire. It is resistant to long time combustion, even the flame of the polymer was burned, can guarantee the normal operation of the line.

Now you know something about the two kinds of cables, flame-retardant cables,and fire-resistant cables. If you want to know more about wire and cable, please continue to pay attention to our website. 


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