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How to choose wire and cable?

How to choose wire and cable?


How to choose wire and cable?


Wire and cable are often seen as widely used products in life. Wires and cables can provide electricity for people and bring a lot of comfort to people's life. People will also use these types of products when decorating, so how should wire and cable choose?


There are two different materials for wire and cable: copper wire has a strong conductive function,but is relatively expensive because of its good quality. Because aluminum is cheap to produce, it sells for less on the market. The two are fundamentally different. You can choose according to your own situation.


1. Selection of wire and cable sheath

Wire and cable sheaths are insulated, mostly plastic sheaths. The plastic cover is more flexible and can be pulled by hand. The elastic plastic cover feels even in the hand and the quality is better.However, there are a lot of plastic skins.Although the quality is relatively thick, it will become brittle and easy to crack after a period of use. The price of raw plastic like this is relatively low, it is safe after use, and there are many hidden dangers.


2. Budget for cables and wires


The production and supply situation of each wire and cable manufacturer is different, and the required labor and materials have a certain gap, so the gap between the quotations is also relatively large. When buying wire and cable, you can choose the type of cable according to your needs. There is a certain gap between cables, and the price gap is naturally relatively large.

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