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Application fields of solar cables

Application fields of solar cables


Application fields of solar cables

First, small household solar power stations. It is mainly installed on the roof of a house with independent property rights. This type of system is usually divided into two types: grid connected system and off grid system. The main difference between grid-connected systems and off-grid systems is that they can be divided out for use by three parties. In addition, they can also be integrated into the national power grid and enjoy national power subsidies. The cost of an off grid system is higher than that of a grid connected system. There is an independent battery, which is mainly used at home and cannot be exported, so it only meets the user's electricity demand.

Second, solar street lamps can be seen in some cities or rural areas. This solar street lamp uses crystalline silicon to convert solar energy during the day, and uses sealed batteries to store electricity. At night, storage batteries can be used for lighting.

Third, photovoltaic traffic lights and warning signs. This is common, for example, when urban traffic lights fail, such temporary photovoltaic lights are used to maintain traffic. It has strong durability and can absorb and store electrical energy as long as there is sunlight.

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