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How to distinguish high-quality products of Guangdong Cable Factory

How to distinguish high-quality products of Guangdong Cable Factory


Oxygen-free fine copper conductor

The types of copper include oxygen-free copper and low-oxygen copper. Oxygen-free copper are rarely oxidized, while low oxygen copper easily be oxidized, resulting in an increase in DC resistance, causing local overheating and affecting the current carrying capacity.

Cross-section conforming to standard level

The practical cross section of copper conductor is same as the nominal. Avoiding higher electric resistance and broken circuit phenomenon caused by insufficient copper.

Insulation and sheath materials

The insulation and sheath materials have been strictly inspected, especially the insulation and mechanical properties that directly affect the cable operation and service life. Never use inferior materials which may result in the cracking of cable, leakage and short circuit in a short term.

Thickness of insulation and sheath

The thickness of insulation and sheath is super than that specified in industrial standards. 


All products of Guangdong Cable Factory are provided in adequate length. All electrical wire are provided 100m per roll. We guarantee to return and replace any sold products that are incompatible with the above commitments.


As a leading enterprise in cable industry, Guangdong Cable Factory has been a time-honoured brand. 50 years of professional cable design and manufacturing technology, as well as experienced technicians and sales teams, have provided reliable guarantee for our product quality and satisfactory service.




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