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Main Processes of High and Low Voltage Wire Cable

Main Processes of High and Low Voltage Wire Cable


Main Processes of High and Low Voltage Wire Cable


Wire and cable are produced through three processes: drawing, twisting, and wrapping. The more complex the model and specification, the higher the repeatability.

1. Drawing

In metal pressure processing, the process of forcing metal through a mold (press wheel) under the action of an external force, compressing the cross-sectional area of the metal, and obtaining the required cross-sectional area shape and size is called metal drawing

Drawing process is divided into single wire drawing and stranded drawing.

2. Twisting

In order to improve the flexibility and integrity of electric wires and cables, it is called stranding to have more than two single wires interwoven in a specified direction.

The stranding process includes conductor stranding, cabling, weaving, steel wire armouring, and winding.

3. Wrapping

According to different performance requirements for wires and cables, special equipment is used to coat different materials on the outside of the conductor. Coating process:

A. Extrusion packaging: rubber, plastic, lead, aluminum, and other materials.

B. Longitudinal wrapping: rubber, corrugated aluminum tape material.

C. Wrapping: Ribbon paper tape, mica tape, alkali free glass fiber tape, non woven fabric, plastic tape, etc., and linear cotton yarn, silk, and other fiber materials.

D. Dip coating: insulating paint, asphalt, etc

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