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Factory Introduction- Professional Wire And Cable manufacturer

Factory Introduction- Professional Wire And Cable manufacturer


Factory Introduction- Professional Wire And Cable manufacturer


Guangdong Cable Factory Co., Ltd. is establish in 1968, which is located in Foshan Guangdong Province, under our group, there are two branch factory that name Guangdong cable business group co., ltd. and Gunagdong cable business group(dali) co,. ltd. Our enterprise cover 300,000 square meters area. We specialize produce wire cable goods. Our enterprise is one of the largest wire cable factory in south of China, the machine equipment can produce 50 billion per year. 

The enterprise is certified by ISO9001, 3C, UL, IEC, VDE and etc.As our enterprise more than 50 years of experience in develop and design cable wire industry, the product quality of our factory has the reliable guarantee. In order to win more profit for customers, we can be made the goods according customer requirement.Expect in the future, our Guangdong cable enterprise is willing to create glorious future with you, to achieve mutual benefit and mutual benefit each other. 

The following is a video of our factory environment, welcome to watch!

Guangdong Cable factory can provide you with various models of new energy cable, if interested, please contact us>>>


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