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What are the commonly used cable materials for solar power generation systems?

What are the commonly used cable materials for solar power generation systems?


What are the commonly used cable materials for solar power generation systems?

In recent years, the application of solar power generation has become more and more extensive and has developed rapidly. Cables can be divided into DC cables and AC cables according to the system of solar power plants, and are classified as follows according to different uses and environments:

1. DC cable

(1) Serial cables between components.

(2) Parallel cables between the strings and between the strings and the DC distribution box (combiner box).

(3) The cable between the DC distribution box and the inverter.

The above cables are all DC cables, and they are often laid outdoors. They need to be protected from moisture, sun, cold, heat, and ultraviolet rays. In some special environments, they also need to be resistant to chemical substances such as acids and alkalis.

2. AC cable

(1) Connecting cables from the inverter to the step-up transformer.

(2) The connecting cable from the step-up transformer to the power distribution device.

(3) Connecting cables from the power distribution device to the grid or users.

This part of the cable is an AC load cable, which is mostly laid in an indoor environment, and can be selected according to the selection requirements of general power cables.

3. Cable conductor material

If the DC cable is outdoors for a long time. Due to the limitation of construction conditions, connectors are often used for cable connection. Cable conductor materials can be divided into copper core and aluminum core. Copper core cable has better oxidation resistance than aluminum, long service life, good stability, low voltage and low power consumption; in construction, due to the good flexibility of copper core, the allowable bending radius is small, easy to bend and pass through In addition, the copper core is fatigue-resistant, not easy to break after repeated bending, and convenient for wiring; at the same time, the copper core has high mechanical strength and can withstand large mechanical and mechanical tension, which brings great convenience to construction and laying, and also creates a new era for mechanized construction. condition. On the contrary, due to the chemical properties of aluminum, the installation joints of aluminum cables are prone to oxidation, especially creep, which is easy to cause failure.

Therefore, copper cables are used outdoors, and it is best to use DC cables. It can reduce the accident rate, improve the reliability of power supply, and facilitate construction, operation and maintenance. This is why copper cables are mainly used for underground power supply.

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