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Uses of Different Types of Cable Wires

Uses of Different Types of Cable Wires

 Cable wires have become very important for us and without them we would end up having no power. These wires are used to carry electrical current to our homes, offices, industries etc... the most important use so far of these cable wires. These wires are installed in houses, buildings etc... taken underground to everywhere and anywhere where there is human population and electricity is needed. You might end up seeing a transmission line or electric cables running along road side to a far away village or district. These are known as power cables or high voltage cables. These large wires are produced just like a braid, but only after braiding together several different smaller wires. Later, cable ties are used to fasten them together.

You can find a vast variety of electrical cables in the market such as Shielded, Twisted, Single, Multicore, Coaxial, Metallic and Non metallic etc... these cables can be divided into four main types namely:

1. Multi Conductor

2. Fiber Optics

3. Twisted Pair

4. Coaxial Cable

The coaxial cable has two conductors with different signals while the cable wire containing a number of insulated conductors is known as Multi Conductor. Fiber Optic wire is used for many things including data transmission, networking etc while the twisted pair cable is designed for carrying signals.

Fiber Optic cables are very well known for their capability and quality of data transfer and speed. It is proven that amongst all the cables, this cable has the minimum data loss and has speed compared to none. Thus the quality of Fiber Optics makes it an important tool to be used in medical fields in imaging tools and light guides. It is widely preferred by doctors.

Another and the most well known use of these cables is in the field of information technology. It is used in networking, internet data transmission etc...

You can search about the cables and their uses on the internet and find out which one suits your particular needs and demands. 


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