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Guangdong Cable (VAZPO) attended 126th Canton Fair

Guangdong Cable (VAZPO) attended 126th Canton Fair


From October 15 to 19, Guangdong Cable (VAZPO) made a wonderful appearance in the 126th Canton Fair, the largest and most influential import and export exhibitions in the world.

During the exhibition, Guangdong Cable (VAZPO) showed a series of power transmission products and solutions, such as solar PV cable, electric vehicle charging cable, rubber cable, welding cable, aerial bundle cable, aluminium alloy cable, building wire etc.  Guangdong Cable's products and solutions attracted a large number of technical experts, the worldwide customers and business partners, who exchanged ideas on industry trend with Guangdong Cable (VAZPO).

Guangdong Cable (VAZPO) actively expanded overseas markets to provide customers with high quality, high reliability and high cost-effective products and services, based on our 3x100% commitments, which is 100% of Our Cables are Made of Highest Quality Materials with above Standards;  100% of Our Cables are Produced according to GB Standard;  100% of Our Cables are Delivered at least in Full Length.



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