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H01N2-D Welding Cable

H01N2-D Welding Cable


Welding cable is a portable cord typically used for welding and power supply applications.

A welding wire's single annealed bare copper conductor is finely stranded to make it flexible enough for daily industrial use. 

Weld wire is usually insulated with an extruded rubber jacket, which can match the flexibility of the conductor while protecting it from oil, grease, tar, abrasion, and flame. The most common jacket choices are EPDM, EPR and even neoprene. 

Standard jacket colors are red and black, though other colors are avaliable. An orange jacket often indicates an even more durable welding cable construction.

Welding wire is rated from -50℃ to +105℃ and up to 600 volts.

Because welding wire is so flexible, it's very versatile. It's sometimes used as battery cable and can also be used in marine applications if it's oil and water-resistant.


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