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Factory introduction - Packaging and transportation of power cables

Factory introduction - Packaging and transportation of power cables


Factory introduction - Packaging and transportation of power cables


Power cable is currently the most widely used type of cable, is widely used in offices, party substations, power plants, large enterprises, highways, etc.


For the packaging of power cables, transportation.


1, power cable packaging requires the use of cable trays, iron trays, wooden trays and iron-framed wooden trays, the outer diameter of the tray has a greater impact on the cost of transport, storage, for 10kV and below the diameter of the cable tray to 3.2 meters or less is appropriate, the width of the tray to no more than 2.2 meters is good, for more than 3.5 meters to use special transport vehicles.


2, the weight of each tray of power cable and power cable specifications and length, the general length of a single tray of low-voltage power cable in about 500 meters, the weight of 3-10 tons.


3, in the process of transport loading and unloading, should not make the power cable and power cable trays are damaged. It is strictly prohibited to push the cable tray directly from the car. The cable tray should not be transported flat and stored flat.


4Before transporting or rolling the cable tray, you must ensure that the cable tray is firm and the cable is wound tightly. Rolling must follow the direction of the arrow on the cable tray or cable winding tight.


5, power cable in transport, storage head should be protected, reliable sealing, to prevent moisture into the water. When there is suspicion in appearance inspection, moisture judgment or test should be conducted. Damage to the head in custody should be handled immediately.


6, power cable storage should be centralized and classified storage, and should be marked with the model, voltage, specifications, length. There should be channels between cable trays. The foundation should be solid, when subject to conditions, under the tray should be padded, the storage shall not be waterlogged. When the cable tray is damaged, it should be replaced in time.


7, oil-filled cable in transport, storage should keep the pressure tank, oil pipe, valve and pressure gauge intact. Custody period should often check the oil pressure, and make records, the oil pressure shall not drop to the lowest value. When the oil pressure drops to zero or when a vacuum appears, it should be dealt with in a timely manner.

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