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Service Life of National Standard Wire and Cable

Service Life of National Standard Wire and Cable


  Compared with non-standard wires and cables, national standard wire and cable definitely have longer service life. Guangdong Cable Factory give the detailed interpretation and analysis on this issue.

National standard wires and cables is closely related to the using environment. For general national standard cables, for example, YJV cable or YJV22 armored buried cable, normally have a service life of 40 years in the air or underground, WDZ-BYJ cable can be 70 years. Of course, service life will be prolonged accordingly if there are protective measures such as pipelines and bridges outside the cable.

    However, non-standard wires and cables use inferior copper wires which the purity and diameter can not reach the national standard to reduce cost, so if , the cables will be "overloaded" and be greatly shorten the using life. Secondly, the insulation performance of the outer layer is not up to the standard, cause lower insulation resistance and weaken aging resistance, the cracking of the outer layer and a few short-year life.

   It is obvious that national standard wires and cables can be conveniently and reassuringly used for a long time. Although the price of non-standard cable is cheaper, it is prone to fire accidents.

    All products of Guangdong Cable Factory are produced strictly according to national standards or even higher. Guangdong Cable Factory will, as always, serve our customers with first quality, first service and first reputation!


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