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Introduction of solar cable 4mm2

Introduction of solar cable 4mm2


Introduction of solar cable 4mm2


1. Product introduction:

Solar cable means the product name,

4 mm2 represents product specifications.

The product model is H1Z2Z2-K 1x4mm2 or PV1-F 1x4mm2;

H1Z2Z2-K represents the cable model, which means 1500V DC photovoltaic cable. The product standard is: TUV EN50618:2014;

PV1-F also represents the cable model, which means 600/1000V DC photovoltaic cable. The product standard is: 2 PfG 1169/08.07;

4mm2 represents the cable specification, meaning that the conductor cross-sectional area of  the wire and cable is 4 square millimeters,

2. Product usage:

The product is suitable for low-voltage DC transmission in the wiring system , Solar panels and components. And it is suitable for current transmission in occasions where resistance to sunlight, rainwater, weather resistance, high and low temperature, and resistance to weak acids and alkalis are required.The service life of DC solar cable produced by Guangdong Cable can reach more than 25 years.

3.Product parameters:

Conductor section: 1.5mm2~120 mm2, other specifications can be customized

Conductor: tinned copper wire

Insulation: low smoke halogen free irradiated crosslinked polyolefin insulation material

Sheath material: low smoke halogen free irradiation crosslinked polyolefin environmental protection uv resistant sheath material

Insulation color: black

Sheath color: black or red

Rated voltage:

AC U0/U=1/1kV, U0/U=0.6/1kV

DC 1.5/1.5kV. 1.0/1.8kV


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