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The Difference Between Armored Cable And Ordinary Cable

The Difference Between Armored Cable And Ordinary Cable


The difference between armored cable and ordinary cable

Armoured cables are made of different material conductors in metal sleeves with insulating materials and are processed into a solid, flexible combination. Armored cables include armored thermocouples, armored thermal resistors, armored heaters and armored leads. They are mainly used for temperature measurement, signal transmission and special heating for the chemical, metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, power generation and scientific test. The largest amount is the armored thermocouple.

The difference between armored cable and ordinary cable

The armored cable added a layer of armored layer more than the ordinary cable. There are steel strip armor, fine steel wire, rough steel wire armor, etc. The armored cable is more suitable for direct burial than the ordinary cable and is more resistant to mechanical force.

Classification of armored cable

The armor is divided into steel strip armor, fine wire armor, and rough steel wire armor.

Steel strip armored cable type

Control cable steel belt armored cable

Steel wire armored power cable

Steel wire armored control cable

Armoured communication cable

Use of armored cable

The armored 
cable mechanical protection layer can be added to any structure cable, to increase the mechanical strength of the cable and improve the corrosion resistance. It is a wire and cable designed for the areas vulnerable to mechanical damage and erosion. It can be laid in any way, and it is more suitable for direct burial laying in rock area.

Armored cables are usually fixed and laying electric cables, which are generally fixed in a place and do not move basically, and power lines transmit electrical energy. In addition to these, the purpose of the cable plus armored layer can be enhanced by mechanical protection, such as tensile strength, compressive strength, and so on.

The armor has a certain external force resistance. It can also guard against rat bite, and do not cause power transmission through armored. The armor has large bending radius, the armor layer can be grounded, and the cable is protected.

Armoured cable advantages

Armored shielded cables from outside to inside: outer sheath, armor (usually steel belt), inner sheath, shielding layer (copper or copper wire braid), filler, conductor insulation layer, conductor. The steel strip armor increases the strength of the cable, protects the insulation of the inner sheath, and increases the bending radius of the cable. 


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