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Electric Power Cable

Electric Power Cable


Power cable is used for transmission and distribution of electric energy, power cable is often used in urban underground power grid, power station lead line, industrial and mining enterprise internal power supply and underwater transmission line across the river.

In the power line, the proportion of cable is increasing gradually. Power cables are cables used to transmit and distribute high-power electrical energy in the main line of the power system, including various voltage and insulation power cable of 1-500kV and above.

Voltage Class:

  • Low voltage: Suitable for fixed laying in ac 50Hz, 3kV and below rated voltage transmission and distribution power lines

  • Medium and low voltage power cables: no more than 35kV XLPE / PVC / PE insulated cable

  • High voltage: above 110kV: XLPE / PE insulated cable

  • Ultra high voltage: 275-800kV

  • Uhv cable: more than 1000kV

Basic Structure:

  • Conductor: The core part to transmit electric energy

  • Insulation: Isolating the conductor from the ground in electricity to ensure the transmission of electric energy. It is an indispensable part of the power cable.

  • Shielding: Power cables of 15KV and above generally have conductor shielding and insulation shielding

  • Sheath: The purpose is to protect the power cable from foreign impurities and moisture, and to prevent direct damage to the power cable.



  • Small footprint. Generally buried in the soil or laid in the channel, tunnel and indoor. The insulation distance between the lines is small, do not need the tower, basically occupy the little surface space.

  • Reliable and stable transmission performance. Less affected by climatic conditions and surrounding environment.

  • It has more favorable conditions for the development of ultra-high voltage and large capacity, such as low temperature, superconducting power cables, etc.

  • Large distributed capacitance.

  • Less maintenance work.

  • Less electric shock.


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