Test Method for wear of wire and cable sheath

by:AAA     2020-02-27
Wire and Cable wear resistance includes two aspects: a)The ability of sheath to resist wear; B)The ability of optical cable logo to resist wear. Purpose: The purpose of this test is to determine the abrasion resistance of optical cable sheath. Sample: the sample should be a section of optical cable sufficient to carry out the specified test, and its length is usually 750mm. Wire and Cable wear resistance testing machine: wire and cable sheath wear testing machine should be able (10, 1)Mm length, (55, 5) The frequency of the cycle/minute, rubbing the surface of the optical cable back and forth along the direction parallel to the longitudinal axis of the optical cable. The grinding edge moves back and forth once each, forming a cycle. The grinding edge shall be a steel needle, and its diameter shall conform to the provisions in the detailed specification. Test steps of wire and cable wear resistance testing machine: 1. Fasten the sample with a length of about 750 mm on the support plate with a cable clamp. Then, the grinding edge should be loaded with heavy objects to generate the force stated in the detailed specifications on the optical cable, and at the same time, collision with the optical cable should be avoided. 2. Unless otherwise specified in the detailed specification, conduct 4 tests on each sample, move the sample forward 100 before the next Test, and always rotate 90 degrees in the same direction. Test requirements: After completing the specified number of cycles, the sheath should be free of perforation and the optical fiber should maintain optical continuity. Details to be specified: Detailed specifications shall include the following: a)Number of cycles; B)Needle rod diameter; c)The force applied.
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