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Wire And Cable Models

Wire And Cable Models


The model and sequence of wire and cable are as follows:

[1: Category, use] [2: Conductor] [3: Insulation] [4: Inner sheath] [5: Structural features] [6: Outer sheath or derivative]-[7: Use characteristics] 1-5 items And the seventh item is represented by a pinyin letter, the polymer material is represented by the first letter of the English name, each item can be 1-2 letters; the sixth item is 1-3 numbers.

The omission principle in the model: copper is the main conductor material used in wire and cable products, so the copper core code T is written, except for bare wires and bare conductor products. Bare wire and bare conductor products, power cables, and electromagnetic wire products do not indicate large class codes. Wires and cables for electrical equipment and communication cables are not listed, but subcategories or series codes are listed. Item 7 is a mark for various special use occasions or additional special use requirements, and is marked with a pinyin after "-". Sometimes in order to highlight the item, write this item to the front. Such as ZR- (flame retardant), NH- (refractory), WDZ- (low smoke and halogen free, corporate standards), -TH (for hot and humid areas), FY- (anti-termites, corporate standards).

Digital marker armor layer outer layer or outer sheath

    • 0 none ---

    • 1 interlocking armor

    • 2 double steel strip PVC jacket

    • 3 thin round wire polyethylene jacket

    • 4 thick round wire

    • 5 wrinkles (rolling) steel strip

    • 6 double aluminum (or aluminum alloy) belt

    • 8 copper wire weaving

    • 9 steel wire weaving

    • The cable model consists of eight parts:

    • use code - not marked as power cable, K is the control cable, P is the signal cable;

    • insulation code -Z oil-impregnated paper, X rubber, V polyvinyl chloride, YJ cross-linked polyethylene

    • Conductor material code - not marked as copper, L is aluminum;

    • inner sheath code - Q lead package, L aluminum package, H rubber sleeve, V PVC sheath

    • the derived code -D does not drip, P dry insulation;

    • the outer layer code

    • special product code -TH wet tropical, TA dry tropical;

    • rated voltage - unit KV


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