Low cost value of large aluminum alloy cable high expectations

by:AAA     2020-04-07
( Industry news] Low cost value large aluminum alloy cable expect high zhdljyw P no country can ignore strong allure of the Chinese market, China's sustained and rapid economic growth form a huge market has attracted the eyes of the world. Every industry focused on the Chinese market, the same is true of wire and cable industry, in short decades of reform and opening-up, China's huge production capacity which is formed by the cable manufacturing makes the world sit up and take notice. Worldwide, wire and cable output in China has been more than the United States, to become the world's first major producer of wire and cable. China's sustained and rapid economic growth, provides a huge market space for wire products, as China's power industry, data communications, urban rail transportation, auto industry and the expansion of the scale of shipbuilding and other industries, the demand for wire and cable will be rapid growth, aluminum alloy conductor technology and aluminum alloy cable products are introduced in domestic. Aluminum alloy cable technology and products in, UMI alloy by the United States and tianjin since the DE alloy respectively into the domestic, has experienced several years of application history. Especially the early stage of the import of American ALCAN ALCAN alloy cables in the domestic promotion, late domestic plant processing production in the independent brands, alloy aluminium company of tianjin to develop domestic aluminum alloy cable market spent a lot of manpower and material resources, made of aluminum alloy cable concept, business promotion, to promote successfully the alloy cable way to develop the market. Aluminum alloy cable is the biggest benefit of saving cost. Copper cable price difference is bigger, this is mainly caused by different raw materials used in production process. Production is the main raw materials of electrolytic copper, copper cable insulation and sheath material. Electrolytic copper on the raw material market at present is controlled in fifty thousand yuan per ton, and recycling of miscellaneous copper, secondary copper is only forty thousand yuan per ton; Qualified insulation and sheath material price per ton from eight thousand to ten thousand, and incomplete price only four thousand to five thousand yuan per ton, price six to one. In addition, the conductor cross section is not enough, good or bad copper doping, cable length, etc, also is the main reason that caused the price difference. Cable products is in accordance with the requirements of national standards for production, and non-standard product or defective raw material not only is a false and inferior product, cable, length is not in conformity with the national standard requirements. Aluminum alloy cable products price also has difference, the reason is qualified aluminum alloy cable is the main raw materials in addition to meet international AA series aluminum alloy conductor material chemical composition and conductivity alloy conductor electrical performance requirements, and at the same time conforms to the aluminum alloy conductor in elongation, conductor flexibility, tensile strength, creep resistance and other mechanical performance requirements. Qualified aluminum alloy cable has a full range of products for the flame retardant level of crosslinking polyethylene insulation and flame retardant sheath, sheathed do not contain heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, aluminum alloy with interlocking armor, etc. And in terms of cost price, do not have too much advantage in comparison to aluminum alloy and copper cable, aluminum alloy cable than copper cable cost advantage lies in the same weight of material can produce different length of cable. In the context of the actual performance, aluminum alloy cable although did not improve the conductivity of pure aluminum cable, but the bending, compressive creep and corrosion etc. Physical and mechanical properties are greatly improved. Compared with copper cable, aluminum alloy cable in weight, price, and engineering installation, with copper incomparable superiority. In other popular words, at the same electrical performance and better mechanical performance under the premise of aluminum alloy cable is much more economical, and widely application field. But high technical content, aluminum alloy cable production equipment investment is big, need to have a mature material formula, production technology and talent. Aluminium alloy conductor material production need patent formula, need smelting and rolling, to ensure that the quality of the alloy material. Cable production still need multi-channel anneal production process requirement, to specialized technology, mature technology, specializing in the production and management personnel, a dedicated production equipment complete, can produce qualified alloy cable products. High industry threshold, no mature professional, do not have the strength and production conditions of the factory is difficult to participate in. To sum up, improve the science and technology enterprise, production capacity, management quality is eligible to enter aluminum alloy cable market, to create greater value.
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