'Zhisheng' China times and the benign development of the Chinese photovoltaic industry

by:AAA     2020-04-03
( Industry news] 'Zhisheng' China times and the benign development of the Chinese photovoltaic industry heibaocjp P Wire Show cable exhibition 】 As one of the new energy 'darling', the development of photovoltaic industry in our country is a 'roller coaster' : first, by leaps and bounds on the number into the 'spring', then the overcapacity at once into the 'winter'. Then, after a few years ago the ups and downs of photovoltaic industry road in where? In day to day in Germany Rhine TuV 'zhisheng' China pv summit, the expert's answer is: quality. In 'the development of photovoltaic industry keywords should be innovation and quality, there is no innovation and quality, there is no momentum, there would be no application in the future. 'Counselor of the State Council, China renewable energy institute director feldspar atlas, said China's photovoltaic industry not only on quantity, but also rely on quality to win, is not only a photovoltaic (pv) power, photovoltaic power, to do better, you must depend on the quality. Statistics show that in our pv GW of new power capacity ( GW = kilowatts) Total value, GW, become the world's second largest photovoltaic capacity after Germany. Global pv new capacity of GW last year, China has /, is the fastest growing countries. Shi Dinghuan pointed out that China's photovoltaic industry is breaking away from the traditional 'two head out' ( Market in the outside, the key raw materials) And production capacity, application of the great powers behind the status quo, is becoming a power capacity and application of the whole industry also began to pay more attention to quality problems, the quality and the domestic market will be the cornerstone for the future development of photovoltaic industry. Quality is more and more attention, the National Energy Administration issued 'about further implement distributed photovoltaic announcement concerning the policy, which has been the industry known as' photovoltaic article 15 'blockbuster' New Deal made clear the government's long-term support of distributed photovoltaic (pv), and for the above problem formulated the 'full access to the Internet', power stations enjoy benchmarking, increased power generation electricity quotas, allow to sell electricity directly to the user, preferential loans and subsidies and a series of moves by the month. New policies not only to expand the domestic market demand of photovoltaic power station, also improve profit forecast of the power grid operation. But, in the photovoltaic industry momentum of rapid development, many companies are worried about the main problem is the photovoltaic products quality good and bad are intermingled. Photovoltaic modules of quality will not only affect the normal operation of the photovoltaic system, also serious impact on the industry's future development. 'Years ago, the industry are focusing on' quantity ', the attention to 'quality is lacking. Year to year, with the emergence of crisis of excess production capacity, and other industries, the industry began to pay more and more attention to quality, it is good for the healthy development of the industry. 'Trina solar's chief quality officer Zhou Wei said that at present, the photovoltaic industry in China, there are standard system is imperfect, the problem such as quality control system is not mature, relative to other industries such as cars, photovoltaic industry is' young ', needs in terms of quality management methods to guide, to ensure the quality of the pv modules, meet the national standards for the years warranty. As distributed photovoltaic power grid is becoming the mainstream and development direction, how to ensure the quality of the power station, has become the industry concerned topic. 'IEC photovoltaic power station quality certification of technical basis, important is energy efficiency, can effect comparing. 'The National Development and Reform Commission energy research institute researcher Wang Si into for power quality evaluation test points the' specification '. He suggested at the same time, our country should solve the problem of detecting instrument for label as soon as possible, to ensure that the results of testing the authority of justice. 'Pv industry development prospects are bright, but also full of challenges. The eve of APEC, China and the United States issued a joint statement on climate change, pointed out that in the fossil energy consumption ratio will reach %, photovoltaic (pv) as the main form of new energy has shouldered. In photovoltaic enterprises face the biggest challenge will be corporate financing problem. 'The Chinese photovoltaic industry association secretary general Wang Bohua said. Financing new model take the quality as the guarantee, in fact, and photovoltaic industry is out of the 'winter' together, and 'favor' of financial investment to the photovoltaic industry. 'For our investors, also can pay close attention to the quality problem of the financing objects, not allowing them to defective goods, after all is decades of investment, need to pay attention to sustainability, and to satisfy the requirement of the years warranty. 'China's financial leasing co. , LTD. , Wu Qiping words, says the quality of the whole society to the photovoltaic industry's attention. 'Today, the whole photovoltaic industry is no longer blindly pursue capacity, and pay more attention to quality and market development. Innovation should be strengthened in the future, including the technique of research and development of high conversion efficiency, low cost high quality products, as well as the development of new business model, realize the production, which requires cooperation with authoritative quality certification body, provide a basis for investment in financial institutions. Innovation and quality will be China pv industry and its application in the future. 'Shi Dinghuan said. ( Source: China's wire and cable network CWC)
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