( Translation) Corrosion resistant high temperature resistant cable wiring system

by:AAA     2020-05-05
( Industry news] ( Translation) Corrosion resistance to high temperature cable wiring system knifeqiao P the high temperature resistant cable also involves corrosion resistance ( Corrosion resistant) Waterproof and other technical indicators. New type corrosion resistant high temperature resistant cable wiring system this include corrosion resistance to high temperature cable and air hose construction scheme of the system is a very use reliable wiring system, design the common weakness of no metal. The wiring system use the patent of nonmetal plug for installation. In the process of high temperature resistant cable installation using, polycarbonate plug significantly superior to the general metal plug, in mechanical pull litre and corrosion or freezing waterproof lamp progress for excellence. New type of high temperature resistant cable wiring system of material by proprietary military-grade polymer salt resistance, more chemicals, abrasion and other materials. The wiring system has been successfully passed the test below zero degrees Celsius. Life is expected to not less than years. 'New high temperature resistant wiring system is more lasting changes of traditional design, the service life,' 'contact plating, d style in our socket is that we improve the quality of products, a good example and tested one million Ω ohms did not lose effectiveness. 'Air hose set of proprietary materials used specifically for the arctic weather. The wall of the hose reinforcement double stage is twice as thick nylon aviation, and show that they sometimes against perverts and flexibility characteristics from years of deg. Many degrees below zero. F。 'Solid brass fittings, corrosion resistant armor protection, replace the spring system, these hose an exceptionally strong,' 'our proprietary polymer material construction to provide long-term memory and soft, the perfect balance of coil in any weather conditions. 'Electric tropical [knifeqiao edited]
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