Top 500 private enterprises has been a finalist in the cable company, legal person missing, 2. 3 billion debt now

by:AAA     2020-04-08
( Industry news] Now has been a finalist strong cable enterprises, private enterprises as a legal person missing, the source of debt $P | electric media 'implemented information', be executed more than one hundred million yuan 'mark', 'included in the faithless person subjected to execution list', these on the old large cable comprehensive enterprise -- — Xing yue group co. , LTD. ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'xing music group') Label on the body, let once admitted to the 'China's private enterprises strong' halo in the shade. It is not hard to see, xing yue group has been in crisis.>>>> Capital crag drama ignition funding crisis 'fuse', hing group was founded in year month, is a large comprehensive enterprise, cable industry involving enameled wire, electrical machinery, electrical wires and cables, copper rod, high polymer material, transmission and distribution equipment manufacturing, and finance, electricity, etc. The group has manufacturing base in the country, including: zhejiang xing cable, lishui and enjoyed cable, Jiang Ximing airport. lt cable, ningxia cable company. In addition, the group has also included in the Chinese private enterprise strong, strong manufacturing in China, China mechanical strength, strong Chinese wire and cable, enterprise of zhejiang province, zhejiang province to pay taxes. Group controls people, chairman and President YuWenPin was awarded the national township entrepreneurs in zhejiang province, China's economy hundreds of outstanding character, outstanding young entrepreneurs, etc. Years, xing yue group per share. Nearly one hundred million yuan worth of yuan the transferee Chtc Helon Co. , Ltd. ( Hereinafter referred to as 'constant day dragon') Million shares, as the biggest shareholder. Since then, xing music group is not the main business related wire and cable and other high quality assets into the listed company's assets, but gave billion shares constant day dragon stock pledge, for financing. At the end of constant day dragon shares rose to nearly RMB highs. Xing yue group of hundred million shares its constant day dragon stock pledge to Shanghai together. Xing yue group through the borrowing stock pledge from Shanghai poly product exceeds one hundred million yuan. And when xing music group is working with wong excellet constant day dragon control transfer of controversy. Pressed in shenzhen stock exchange, the two sides, however, hong excellet also sued hing group. In the case of equity transfer dispute has not been resolved, xing yue group to Shanghai poly quality and equity financing behavior and even attracted regulatory attention. (date) (month) (year), the shenzhen stock exchange management information distributed to the constant day dragon company letter, the purpose of the requirements specification pledge loan, its solvency, and whether there is due to its default by the pledgee to exercise the pledge right, which may lead to a change in control of listed companies risk and so on. Although wong excellet, xing in the group, citing a 'misunderstanding', calm the storm. Drama, but the capital move STH to make it for xing music group planted the hidden trouble of the funding crisis.>>>> Capital chain rupture is performed more than one hundred million yuan mark not ZhiXingNian, xing yue group funding crisis revealed itself. (date) (month) (year), local site exposes xing yue group employees pull banners unpaid wages. The local leaders and People's Daily 'message board' have been many farmers work XiangXingLe group 'unpaid' post. Post said, and unpaid wages, start a group from the end of the year part of the wage issue. And when the beatles as legal person is lost, can only post to government for help. According to information released by the years, xing yue group supply its Chinese fujian province electric power company of low voltage power cables by the sampling for quality unqualified product, but is popular music group on the grounds that the capital chain rupture is not a replacement, not to participate in the interview. In the same year, month, xing yue group won the bid for its Chinese hunan electric power co. , LTD. Agreement AH batches of power cable stock material, the winning number. Km and amount. Ten thousand yuan, unable to perform the contract because of money problem. And by the end of time, xing yue group's website has not normal visit. Obviously, the company's normal operations have problems. Year month day, Chtc Helon Co. , Ltd. ( Hereinafter referred to as 'constant day dragon') Disclosure of the Shanghai poly product financing lease co. , LTD. Hereinafter referred to as the 'Shanghai poly products') With xing yue group, YuWenPin etc. Of the progress of the loan contract dispute case: the court denied xing music group. Xing yue group is facing to repay. Arrears and the interest of $one hundred million. If a xing yue group unable to repay, its companies will bear joint and several guarantee responsibility. In addition, the constant day dragon possible changes in risk effective control. According to the court, according to the information super music group is executed incidents, preliminary statistics, implemented the bid exceeds one hundred million yuan. And xing music group and company's actual control YuWenPin has been incorporated into the faithless person subjected to execution.>>>> Companies under the same without the eggs were forced auction hing group money trouble become its company 'triggers' in a crisis, lishui first BaoLei xing le cable co. , LTD. Lishui hing cable was established in year, registered capital of ten thousand yuan, is a wholly owned subsidiary xing le cable, the legal representative is also YuWenPin. Because of mismanagement, lishui xing yue cable since years has been in shutdown state, total workers in arrears to the annual salary, economic compensation and other costs of more than ten thousand yuan. And then, the company legal representative YuWenPin is missing. Helpless workers can only through the way of labor arbitration and lawsuit for wages and bonuses. Enterprise after be or get out of danger, a local bank for the first time start the preservation, seized the enterprise assets, and stepping up efforts in supervising inventory, pushed mortgage judicial disposal plant, the court case trial phase, the set out to find willing buyers. It is understood that the bank of lishui hing cable ten thousand yuan of cash collection.
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