The order died on the spot check? How to deal with spot check for cable sales?

by:AAA     2020-03-03
It is not difficult to see such a thing in the news. The industrial and commercial bureau of a certain region has conducted a quality spot check on the wire and cable products sold in the circulation field in the region, and the unqualified rate is xx %, especially, if you see what type of cable product quality linkage spot check this year, some people in the wire and cable industry, the heart really can't stand it! In any case, it is related to the quality of wire and cable products. When you think of the quality of cable products, you have to mention the word 'sampling'. This is something that makes customers annoyed but have to do. As we all know, one position that often deals with the cable product demander is The Wire and Cable salesperson, how to deal with the sampling inspection of government quality supervision departments and customers and how to deal with problems carefully is a compulsory course for cable sales personnel! Three characteristics of enhanced spot check in cable marketing process: 1. Other peer companies reported more. For example, the cable of A cable enterprise project contract sampling inspection is because other peer enterprises failed to pass the inspection in advance and then reported. 2. Fire control and quality supervision departments take the initiative to spot check at the construction site. Such as B cable enterprise project cable has been used up, the rest of the fire inspection, etc. 3. Power companies also adopt blind sampling methods. Separation of sampling and inspection personnel, from the system to avoid human factors affect the test results. In the wire and cable industry market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, users are also paying more and more attention to product quality inspection at the moment, cable companies should be how to ensure that the product sampling results meet the technical requirements of the contract? 1. After the production standard of the contract goods and products reviewed by both parties is clear, the cable sales personnel should close the order to ensure that the order details are clear and meet the technical requirements of the contract, the company's internal production and process control finished product testing links should strictly implement the standard requirements to ensure the delivery of qualified products. Products with quality defects should not be released easily without strict approval of procedures. 2. Sales personnel should do a good job in tracking service after product sales. Once cable sampling or spot check fails, sales personnel should be proactive and respond quickly, strive to arrive at the scene at the first time to follow up the service and understand the relevant information of sampling products ( Such as product model and specification, sampling length, quality assurance number, product inspection unit and inspection unit, etc). If after the cable is sampled, the salesperson knows where the cable is detected, he should follow up the whole process and work carefully. At the same time, he should report this information to the sales supervisor and the leader of the Technical Service Department at the first time, so that the company can make good use of relevant resources and further serve and cooperate with the manager to properly handle the sampling inspection. 3. The sales supervisor should actively coordinate with relevant functional departments to coordinate and handle the matter, actively make use of all aspects of the relationship in the region, especially cross-regional and cross-industry businesses, and obtain the support and cooperation of relevant personnel in the region. In short, if you encounter customers in the cable marketing process (Or government quality supervision department) For sampling inspection or unqualified inspection, relevant personnel and departments must work together to form a joint force to curb the incident in the bud or make the incident the simplest treatment, effectively save time and reduce costs.
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