The central inspection group in its cable companies to ring alarm bells

by:AAA     2020-04-05
( Industry news] Central inspection group are ringing alarm bells in its cable globledata P black ants cable network: June 21, the central inspection group has been in state grid corporation and other companies. It marks the state anti-corruption battle in earnest. Since the date of this overall patrol in the central decision tube backbone state-owned enterprise only half the time, inspection group were coming into the state, and the visible efforts to fight corruption. During a tour of most of the central enterprises in the list are cable companies big customer. In the cable industry competition is fierce, some cable companies are also difficult to in state-owned enterprises under the 'chain of corruption', in the central anti-corruption storm by the 'injured' the star of the cable is a precedent. Month, announced at a conference in the central patrol work to mobilize the deployment, in the first round of the tour to China national nuclear corporation, China nuclear industry construction group co. , LTD. , China national petroleum corporation, China national offshore oil corporation, national development investment company, China Eastern electric group co. , LTD. , China electronics technology group corporation, China's electronic information industry group co. , LTD. , China power investment corporation, the state nuclear power technology co. , LTD. , China sinochem corporation, China minmetals corporation, China huaneng group co. , LTD. , China state construction engineering corporation, state grid corporation, China southern power grid co. , LTD. , China shipbuilding industry corporation, China ocean shipping ( Group) Corporation, China machinery industry group co. , LTD. , China general technology ( Group) Holding co. , LTD. , China datang corporation, China guodian corporation, China telecom group co. , LTD. , China mobile communications group co. , LTD. , baosteel group co. , LTD. , wuhan iron and steel ( Group) Central enterprises such as special tour company. 。 / KV plastic insulated power cable from years and years central inspection group to the state patrol feedback, related party transactions, the indemnification, 'chain of corruption' has become common problems. Released in the first batch of central enterprises, most are cable companies want 'into' big customers, business attached to the big customer's cable enterprise under the circumstances of the market competition is fierce and hard to possess. A cable marketing the personage inside course of study says, 'is more than % is less than half the profits, interests will be made as a rebate feedback, gifts to maintain relations to treat to eat and drink at ordinary times, otherwise it is impossible to get that project. If I do not say, who can check out? If I said, who can give me? 'Looking back on the eighteenth big since, unprecedented efforts to fight corruption, famous state executive lok ma years alone, the country more than a state executive lok ma. Cadres to fall behind, many listed companies implicated. And in the cable industry, 'injured' heaviest is star cable. Star cable has also been in the oil, is the biggest supplier of network annual purchase oil level in the material suppliers. Star in cable oil group gain orders accounted for forty percent of annual revenue. Lost in the oil, after the 'anchor' big 'suddenly turn hostile' star cable performance. Expects the annual loss of ten thousand yuan to ten thousand yuan, compared with the same period last year net profit of company. Ten thousand yuan. In the central continuously intensify anti-corruption situation, in relation to the marketing pattern of 'backer' more and more difficult to sustain, in the central anti-corruption storm by the 'injured' star cable has become cable companies. Cable companies with real products should be considered as a 'support' is a long-term solution. More information please pay attention to the HTTP / / WWW. globledata。 com
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