Rubber ingredients link in automation level

by:AAA     2020-04-07
( Industry news] Rubber ingredients link on joyu P rubber core material ingredients device automation steps, small material automatic dispensing equipment received the affirmation of the China rubber industry association. The device belongs to the technical independent innovation, to fill the domestic blank, taken a big step to make the reclaimed rubber production automation. This device adopts digital control, dynamic weighing, automatic batching, compact structure, reasonable design, stability of continuous running. Small automatic batching equipment can with the fastest speed and accurate precision of the highest, lowest cost fully automated enterprise ingredients to address the difficulties. To realize the automatic rubber ingredients process. Results showed that the device is obviously reduces the worker labor intensity, reduce operator % compared with the traditional process, energy saving % above, rubber production increased % above; Enclosed ingredients, professional dust recovery system, environmental protection effect is obvious. It is understood that the current domestic rubber ingredients in the process, is the raw material, by all kinds of raw materials through his artificially weighing, and then into the mixer, so the labor intensity of workers, low efficiency, automation is impossible. Small automatic batching material by artificial put the ingredients into the bunker, save human resources, reduce the production cost, reduce the labor intensity of the workers.
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