PVC automatic batching mixing scheme

by:AAA     2020-04-08
( Industry news] PVC automatic batching mixing joyu P ultimate diversification of types of raw materials, hiring workers, batching accuracy enhancement, more and more industries and products are applicable to the automatic batching, not only in rubber, feed, food industry widely used, the PVC ingredients industry, much attention has been paid to also PVC extrusion processing to develop in the direction of large-scale, advanced material pretreatment system is essential, it is to ensure that achieve high yield, high quality and low price. Below is the PVC automatic batching mixing processing technology and its characteristics. In PVC extrusion processing industry, the traditional method of mixing material is: hot mix, cold mix and artificial ingredients and transmission. With the enlargement of enterprise scale, this method can not meet the needs of the mass production. At present, a better solution is to: computer control automatic batching system as the core, supplemented by pneumatic conveying, combined with hot and cold mixer, again to form a complete set of production line PVC ingredients, mixing raw material. Compared with traditional methods, the new scheme has many obvious advantages, including:. Computerized automatic batching system improved the precision of ingredients, solved the multifarious, material loss of artificial ingredients and chemical hazards to operators. 。 Efficient process of pneumatic conveying system for the large number of material handling of heavy labor, improve the production efficiency. 。 Completely in a closed pipeline materials handling process, to avoid the dust on the workshop environment pollution and the harm to the workers. 。 Material preparation and processing of more concentrated, more efficient, higher output, can completely meet the needs of the mass production. Batching process depending on the final products, often need to add all kinds of PVC resin solid or liquid fertilizer, such as thermal stabilizer, lubricant, plasticizer and colouring agent etc. , and in a certain temperature to make components with resin mix, absorb, in order to obtain accuracy ratio, mixing and absorb good material, it is the precondition of producing high quality products. Obviously, the batching process is time consuming in the whole process of material preparation, technology more complex and demanding. Therefore, in modern ingredients, without exception, have adopted computerized multicomponent automatic weighing metering system. In fact, the process is to deal with the proportion of each component of the problem, therefore, the material of measurement is the core of the ingredients. In general, the measurement methods, which has two kinds of volume measurement and weight measurement. Among them, the weight measurement because of the material by the weight of the high precision sensor measuring directly, thus more accurate and reliable, which has been widely applied. According to different weighing principle, the weight and measurement can be divided into types, namely: the partial time accumulative weight, weight of gravity type meter and continuous weight of material flow process. Among them, the most suitable for PVC mixing is the partial accumulative weight, because this way with the workings of a mixer mixing partial time very humorous attune. In a word, with the development of our country plastic industry, as well as the continuous expansion of enterprise production, advanced material pretreatment system will be used widely, believe that domestic equipment manufacturers will be able to provide such an advanced and reliable equipment.
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