Palletizing line segment

by:AAA     2020-04-10
( Industry news] Palletizing line segment of joyu P China's large population, abundant labor resources and cheap, from this level with a robot is expensive and cumbersome hire someone to cheap, but our country to make a world power it has to do more with the least amount of resources, our enterprises must use high and new technology to a higher efficiency of production as much as possible, to win high competitiveness, which requires a lot of robot, there is no robot as accurate rate, accuracy and efficiency. Palletizing production line by the automatic bag machine with pallet conveyor line of two parts, including parts of the perfect combination of a production line, with automatic bag machine, automatic mobile label making machine perfect combination, to replace the intensity of labor is larger, the type of work of high repeatability, can greatly improve the production efficiency, reduce the labor employment, reduce the production cost. For manufacturing enterprises in the path of an intelligent manufacturing, constantly improve the level of manufacturing industry development! Automatic bag machine parts by automatic bag, sewing machine, label making machine, conveyor line. Palletizing line is divided into rewind, climbing, heavy check out institutions, plastic, mechanical and other parts. Automatic bag unit into some major realize automatic vacuum bags, bag, bag, bag, centralizer, bags, automatic gear shift label, automatic FengBao, realize the whole packaging process unmanned; The line adopts touch screen control, switch, operation, maintenance is very convenient, safe and reliable; Mainly used for rubber raw materials, chemical fertilizer, seeds, food, feed and other industries. Palletizing line can be installed in the narrow space, can effective use. All the control in the control cabinet screen operation, operation is very simple. Versatility: by changing the manipulator gripper can complete pallet of different goods and buttress, relatively reduced the purchase cost of customers. On a pallet production line may be someone unemployed, but to create more employment opportunities, social income will have more interests. I believe in the near future, the robot industry become a national economic pillar industries like automobile, the United States is a country on the 'car', China could become a 'robot' standing on the shoulders of countries.
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