How do I select the - new energy car battery pile cable 'Shen Xing cable group' share

by:AAA     2020-04-27
( Industry news] Cable is how to choose the new energy car battery pile 'Shen Xing cable group' share SXXLJT P new energy, green travel has become a new way of life, charging pile more and more appear in the life, so the standard electric dc ( Communication) Charging pile charging cable became the 'heart'. As countries develop and support, according to the statistics: years ago, China holds new energy vehicles. Thousands of vehicles, and in the first quarter sales of cars, accumulated into vehicles. Corresponding charging infrastructure conditions are as follows: by the end of the year, the country built imitation in power stations, more than public charging pile. A. In charge of the future development of the use of the pile will be more and more. So the standard electric dc ( Communication) Cable charging piles will become a mainstream in the cable industry. Standard electric dc charging pile is commonly known as' quick charge, the charging process of the input voltage of dc charging pile using three phase four wire ACV + %, listed Hz frequency, output is adjustable dc, power battery for electric vehicle charging directly. Can realize quick charge requirements; While the standard electric ac charging pile is commonly known as' slow filling, ac charging pile only provides power output, without charging function, need to connect car-mounted charger for electric vehicle charging, this is the requirement of large amount of charging pile cable. 'Shen Xing cable group' is the main special cable production on cable, so the standard electric cable dc charging pile has high performance, is mainly used in charging pile system, floor type charging pile, wall-mountable charging, the voltage of KV ( DC) , the test voltage V/min ( DC) , fixed installation: x cable diameter, mobile installation:. X cable diameter or smaller temperature range, fixed installation: ℃ ~ ℃, mobile installation: ℃ ~ ℃, oil resistance, good, chemical resistance, acid resistance, alkali, solvent, and various performance of the hydraulic oil, weather resistance, UV resistance, excellent aging resistance, the sun is suitable for outdoor use. Flame retardant properties: in accordance with IEC. The structure, the special specification can be customized. Using features:, this cable in the process of charging for voltage, current, signal control and transmission network system has high pressure resistance, high temperature resistant, anti electromagnetic interference, signal transmission stability, resistance to tilt more than once, wear more than once, more wear-resisting, oil resistant, waterproof, acid and alkali resistance, UV resistance and other properties. , product good concentricity, can reach more than %, the cable resistance to high pressure stable and reliable performance. , product minimum bending of D, easy to use narrow space Angle between wiring. Products with high flexible features, use very convenient vehicle wiring. , product rated temperature ℃, which is made of a forming soft insulating material is a great technological advances and level, to ensure that the cable has a flexible performance and improve the current-carrying capacity of the cable is very important. [SXXLJT edited]
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