Domestic cable industry transformation will welcome the future success

by:AAA     2020-04-03
( Industry news] Success will welcome the future domestic cable industry transformation heibaocjp P with the rapid development of our country's economy, various industries have great development. But in the wire and cable industry, high consumption, low efficiency of extensive development pattern has not changed radically, resource utilization rate is extremely low, which is caused by wire and cable manufacturing enterprise of the important reasons for the high production cost. In view of the domestic wire and cable industry in inventory, we found that although the clean production is put forward for nearly ten years, but the wire and cable manufacturing enterprises for value less than the clean production, implementation is not enough. Conventional wire and cable products, for example, in the process of production, use and waste treatment will produce serious pollution, including dioxins, toxic substances such as lead, halogen will also produce. In many years ago, Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries of hazards related to the electric wire electric cable attaches great importance to and relevant government agencies not only for wire and cable manufacturing process to strict limits on emissions, and implement comprehensive monitoring for scrap wire and cable processing, forcing the wire and cable manufacturers to meet the requirements of environmental protection materials to replace traditional materials, manufacturing environmental protection wires and cables or cleaning and cable products, green cable products. Obviously, in order to realize clean production, and produce a green wire and cable products, must grab from fountainhead, and in the process of production from beginning to end of the stick to avoid the generation of hazardous substances. Green wire and cable products is the carrier of circular economy, green is achieved, and the key starts from the design. Green design and ecological design is based on the environment as the core, the use of whole life cycle of product evaluation technology of contemporary design method of many local design method of unified as a whole, in order to achieve the overall optimal. Wire and cable industry in our country, or just started in the aspect of ecological design, relevant government departments and local agencies have made the relevant provisions. As early as a few years ago, Beijing and Shanghai has banned the use of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) blame environmental protection wires and cables, railway and communications departments have also introduced the related regulations, in the next few years, our country building, traffic, transportation, power supply departments of the communications department and all large and medium-sized cities, will also implement a comprehensive ban the use of the environmental protection wires and cables. Of course, in addition to the implementation of cleaner production is not in place, domestic wire and cable industry, there are other problems left over by history and new problems appear, such as China's wire and cable are numerous but the size is very small, at present the domestic wire and cable industry dominated by private enterprises, joint ventures and foreign enterprises. And in addition, the number of domestic private enterprises focus on the low-end market, low-end market caused by fierce competition and even malicious competition, the profit is higher in the high-end market is occupied by a joint venture or foreign owned enterprise. In addition, the wire and cable industry in our country compared with foreign advanced enterprises, the management level, technology level and technical content, product quality, etc, and large gap, low utilization rate of equipment. China's wire and cable equipment utilization about average in %, equipment utilization of advanced countries in % is normal. Labor productivity is low and the industry is also a major obstacle to China's wire and cable manufacturing enterprises. While since the last century s wire and cable industry in our country a large number of imported production equipment, the industry greatly improve labor productivity, but with foreign gap remains large. Such as wire and cable industry in China is only part of the Japanese counterparts % % per capita sales. Another is material input and the serious problem of low productivity and poor management, the production cycle is long. Our country enterprise in the process of production, material consumption, waste is very serious, makes into productivity is very low. And wire and cable industry in China in the capital management of working capital turnover less than two times, far less than foreign. Finally, industry product structure has changed, due to rapid development of electric power and communication industry in China, so the winding line, the proportion of electrical equipment with wire and cable, but at the same time, product structure is not reasonable phenomenon is becoming more and more outstanding. Obviously, the domestic wire and cable industry development is still in the imitation to independent research and development, from low-end to high-end market, from extensive development to elaborating the development of the transition, transition means that the pain, and once had a 'pain' period, domestic wire and cable industry will usher in a new future!
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