2019 UL greater China track inspection engineer conference ended, hand in hand in the test group future plan for new business

by:AAA     2020-04-03
( Industry news] UL greater China track inspection engineer conference ended, hand in hand in the test group future plan for the new business cable P yesterday, by the global annual safety science experts UL and China certification &inspection group ( Hereinafter referred to as the inspection group, CCIC) UL, jointly organized by CCIC greater China track inspection engineer conference on 'a' in the universe - — Nanchang was held, the conference in order to 'meet the challenge, create the future' as the theme, reviews the group in the check in UL and friendly cooperation, and prospects the future in the new situation of TIC of new business, the meeting also held a grand ceremony, in recognition of outstanding test engineers with diligence. UL global senior vice President, UL test engineering services department general manager Jason fisher ( 杰森·C。 菲舍尔) Group chairman in the check, Xu Zeng DE to attend this conference, and delivered a wonderful speech. Concentric altogether hand in hand to help Chinese enterprises to grow UL and group in the check good relationship can be traced back to the year at the beginning of China's reform and opening up, UL has just entered the Chinese market as authorized group in the check of the track inspection service for the factory in mainland China, the two sides for the size of the Chinese manufacturers provide rigorous, scientific and professional inspection service. As of last year, in the test group have a UL inspection center and a number of UL engineer, each year more than ten thousand times inspection in China. UL as the world's leading independent third party inspection certification bodies, with years of rich history, has set a standard, about the global more than hundred million product UL mark application, and has a very high recognition in the us market, group as the sasac subordinate enterprises, in the check, inspection industry's biggest state-owned enterprises, is China's quality inspection industry deserved 'national team', the two sides cooperate, in an age of reform and opening to the outside under the big wave power companies to grow hand in hand, and go abroad, speak louder voice on the world stage. The sea and the cross flow at the meeting, win-win cooperation to UL, senior vice President of global Jason fisher said in a trade war with China, the import and export trade of the industries of the two countries had an impact, inspection certification industry have also been affected, but UL and CCIC last year in the field of track inspection service still achieved satisfactory results, this is all inspection engineers sweat condensed into a brilliant, a group in the check with UL and sincere cooperation. About future TIC industry of new China, Xu Zeng, chairman, said: on the one hand, the inspection certification break the trade barriers, to reduce the barriers to entry in the field of various reform measures such as roll out, make the whole TIC market in China is facing reform and reshuffle, on the other hand, G, artificial intelligence, machine learning, Internet and other new technology is also the impact to the TIC profession, these advances will change the traditional TIC ways of working, will also change the customer's demand, posed a challenge to all inspection certification body, also has brought new opportunities. UL and inspection group cooperation, also conforms to the current reform and development of further extension, from the original business level extension to new technical and business fields. In this year's conference, for deepening the friendly relations and cooperation between the two sides, UL and group in the check in the conference on factory inspection protocol signed the new commission, the new agreement will further strengthen bilateral cooperation in the field of factory inspection, and for the future in more areas to carry out cooperation on a good start, promote the UL group in the check and the common development of both sides, mutual benefit and win-win results, and further contribute to China's manufacturing upgrade smart
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