2015 China's renewable energy power generation will continue rapid growth

by:AAA     2020-04-10
( Industry news] The renewable energy power generation in China will continue to high growth globledata P concerned expert points out, renewable energy power generation will play an increasingly important role in the power industry development. 'Overall, renewable energy generation this year is expected to continue to maintain high growth momentum. 'OuYangChangYu, deputy secretary-general of the China electricity council said. He said analysis, in the basic conformation for the smooth running of the electric power industry in China will continue to continue, the power industry overall supply and demand situation will maintain overall easy, but the power industry structure will be optimized further. Therefore, renewable energy generation will occupy more and more share. OuYangChangYu think that year, as to further strengthen the binding force of resources and environment, renewable energy generation will continue to maintain rapid growth compared to the same. According to the itu in statistics, in the fourth quarter of last year, hydropower investment increased. %, then fell throughout the year. %; Nuclear power investment in the fourth quarter year-on-year decline. %, year-on-year decline in all the year round. %; In the fourth quarter year-on-year growth of investment in wind power. %, year-on-year growth throughout the year. %。 Fixed wiring cable it is important to note that in countries cut onshore wind power feed-in tariff policy background, the benchmarking in the second half of last year, especially in the fourth quarter, many wind companies to accelerate the process of the construction of the wind, a dramatic growth of wind power installed capacity. And with the policy of the ground, wind power new power capacity will continue to maintain rapid growth, remains to be seen. For the electric power industry, the most important thing is still to speed up the power grid construction and channel construction, the construction of interregional transport across the province electricity channel. In view of the renewable energy generation, to solve 'abandon wind, abandoned light' problem.
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