2015. 01. Electric power industry information

by:AAA     2020-04-03
( Industry news] 。 。 News of the cable in the power industry information heibaocjp P online policy southern energy regulatory bureau issued the southern regional electric power construction project for the record and the measures for the administration of security responsibility to inform 'method' clear (guangdong, guangxi, hainan province Area) Scope shall obtain the project examination and approval, the approval or registration of power generation, power grid ( Built, expanded or rebuilt) Electric power construction projects shall be by days from the date of the construction unit in engineering construction to southern energy regulatory authority for the record. The People's Daily li to attend the dialogue with the world economy BBS international business council representative in the afternoon local time, premier li keqiang in davos to attend the dialogue with the world economy BBS international business council representatives, in-depth communication with national industrial and commercial entrepreneurs. Answer questions about China's response to climate change policy initiatives, li said that China has announced plans for a year or so of carbon dioxide emissions to peak, and non-fossil energy accounted for about an increased to % of the total energy consumption. Data analysis, the mw and above average power generation equipment utilization hours situation, according to industry express, the mw and above power generating equipment used for hours on average, compared with the reduced hours, is the lowest level since. The water and electricity installed capacity. Average hours hours million kilowatts, equipment, increase compared to the same hour, the highest level since the elderly. Thermal power installed capacity. Million kilowatts, equipment use hours hours on average, compared with the reduced hours, is the lowest level since. At the end of the national nuclear power installed capacity kilowatts, equipment use hours hours on average, compared with less hours. Blue sky CCGT project dynamic first new energy: wuxi thermoelectric KW photovoltaic grid-connected power generation recently, successful 'project is located in wuxi new district days all of thermoelectric KW photovoltaic grid-connected power generation successful' project, the project construction of thermal power company in wuxi idle caigang watts roof, project size to KW, inverter choice among them is the shenzhen its brand new energy co. , LTD, the choices of the junction box is a wuxi long technology brands. It is reported, wuxi new district of entrepreneurs with conform to the construction condition, roof with a total area of million square meters and a total installed capacity of about gigawatts. Jinyuan group limekiln crow creek power plant ball mill modification cost savings in five million, after the crow creek complete limekiln ball mill technical transformation of power plant, after more than half a year, tracking and optimization and adjustment of lime kiln ball mill has been running stability, produced lime powder completely meet the demand of four sets of desulfurization system cost, a large number of outsourcing lime powder, no longer for the enterprise cost savings of more than five million. Hydropower fourth elevation metres above huang's hydropower station dam foundation surface smoothly through the acceptance of the month for day to day, from fourth hydropower construction elevation metres above the yellow board hydropower station dam foundation surface smoothly through the acceptance. Acceptance committee for construction units in elevation metres above foundation surface for the dam foundation of the construction of hard effort to give the full affirmation, the excavation of the dam foundation surface quality gave high evaluation. Beijing courtyard to anhui Jin Zhai pumped storage power plant supervision contract month, Beijing hospital and its supervision of new source holdings co. , LTD. Signed a contract. The winning jinzhai county, anhui province pumped storage power station project supervision. This project is located in jinzhai county, anhui province in Paul chang township, located in the dabie mountain pulse effect, for the western site about km away from the Jin Zhai county highway mileage. Power station monthly principal part of the project plan to start, first unit connected to the grid, years years finally units connected to the grid. TongLiang area power supply company kv substation construction recently, stone fish its kv power transmission and transformation of stonefish TongLiang district of chongqing electric power supply company started flat field work, this marks the formally entered the stage of transformer substation construction project, the project will be completed in full by the end of years of commissioning as planned. It is understood that TongLiang stonefish kv power transmission and transformation project after the completion of the scale of megavolt ampere capacity of main transformer, the line length. Km, with a total investment of ten thousand yuan. Group in south power network in enterprise information: overfulfilled the National Development and Reform Commission, 'two three over one thousand' appraisal target date, southern power grid company leading group for energy conservation and emissions reduction in meeting, review the suggestion to energy conservation and environmental protection in the annual work plan. It is understood that caliber line loss. suggestions complete year all company assets. %, fell. Percentage, save electricity demand side. Million kilowatt hour, overfulfilled the National Development and Reform Commission, 'two three over one thousand' objective. Company issued the grid the early stage of the project to carry out the 'four a green' guidance on the implementation of the law, has been clear about the green grid construction goal. China huadian corporation: the key to examine asset merger and acquisition, bidding and purchasing in areas such as corruption, China huadian annual research symposium, request to further strengthen the company system of party to build a clean government and anti-corruption work, focus on investigation in the candidates, engineering construction, asset acquisition, bidding and purchasing of choose and employ persons in key areas and key links such as corruption cases. China huadian chairman, party secretary qing-kui li stressed that the company will maintain a high level of political responsibility, attaches great importance to and support and cooperate the works of the tour, special tour as an opportunity to the central, promote the movement of the norm of the cultivation of clean government responsibility to implement the 'two', strengthen accountability penalties, further optimize the wind fresh air is good political ecological environment.
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