Zhejiang power grid construction investment exceeds 30 billion yuan this year

by:AAA     2020-04-07
( Industry news] Zhejiang power grid construction investment exceeds one hundred million yuan this year heibaocjp P Shanghai electric cable research institute exhibition & lt; DIV id = = rich_media_thumb_wrp媒体类> < SCRIPT>( 函数( ) { var =“http / / mmbiz封面。 qpic。 cn/mmbiz/uoyRFesxoPhOrsYMwTuJJpdQKUzcWODwHhvOvVlJRCImpsichypKLdGksWEJVSbLVicfNZNGyVtibwRWw/'; 文档。 write( & #; < img类= ' rich_media_thumb ' id =“js_cover”onerror = '。 parentNode。 removeChild( 这一点) ' datasrc='&#; +封面+ & #; ' /> & #; ) ; } ) ( ) ; < /脚本> < / DIV> < DIV id = = rich_media_content>【js_content类 Wire Show cable exhibition 】 In zhejiang province electric power supply. It's priorities in zhejiang province electric power company work conference sends a clear message. It is understood that in recent years, its power to accelerate zhejiang power grid construction at all levels, one thousand ways to increase the power supply, change of supply and demand structure. To the years, as the placement within the territory of zhejiang uhv project put into operation in succession, zhejiang power supply ability has been a sharp rise, and reverse the long-term power shortage situation. Years, zhejiang electricity consumption in the whole society million kilowatt hour, error-free peak. It is predicted that the whole society about million kilowatt hours of electricity demand, product in zhejiang province about kilowatts maximum power load demand, a year-on-year increase of kilowatts. In years power supply based on the overall balance, in zhejiang province will also be a new power supply ability kilowatts, plentiful supply. At present, anhui has been built in zhejiang province was put into electricity to east, creek, zhejiang, zhejiang fu three uhv engineering, such as in the uhv line for shipment. Converter station of km, kv transformer substations, kv. Years, uhv grid of zhejiang foreign same million kilowatt hour, accounts for the total electricity in the whole society. %。 In addition, the zhejiang power grid has given clean energy such as hydroelectric power, wind power, photovoltaic power generation million kilowatt hour, is % of total electricity in the whole society. You can see that the distance from uhv grid electricity, as well as increasing the proportion of clean energy, small energy supply structure of zhejiang province of resource has changed. After relying on coal energy input mode, into coal and transmission, and to achieve the balance from the in situ to greater balance within the scope of resources. Its Chinese zhejiang electric power, on the other hand, actively join uhv power grid and power engineering construction, duly completed uhv west zhejiang, zhejiang, south station sends out the engineering, six horizontal power plant, sanmen nuclear power sent out project, kv Wu Ning prosperity designed traction station, power transmission and transformation of Xia Jin and hangzhou external power supply of key projects, such as new production kv and above all the year round line km, wan kva substation capacity. Cutting-edge technology to promote intelligent power grid upgrading, 'three pairs of' project completed a distribution network, the provincial high reliability of power supply ( To achieve high reliability of power supply. %) Area of square kilometers, built in zhoushan multiterminal soft direct transmission project and demonstration project of the distributed power grid. Understands from province electric power company meeting, in power grid investment. One hundred million yuan, plans to start construction km kv and above transmission lines, substation capacity kva. Among them, the spirit salt HVDC project is expected by the end of all bridge, hangzhou, ningbo to realizing a complete coverage of distribution automation in downtown core, comprehensive rural agricultural electric power line reconstruction receiving task, complete new comb in former summer peaks. Users of low voltage transformation, to ensure reliable power supply & lt; /DIV>
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