The prevention of wholesale electric wire electric cable quality problems

by:AAA     2020-04-09
( Industry news] Wholesale electric wire electric cable quality problem prevention zhdljyw P wire and cable to use some of the raw materials at present, due to the nonuniformity of manufacturing quality, thus resulting in some products production and processing process cannot prevent unqualified products in advance. Cable purchase manufacturer production and timely delivery caused certain operational risks, etc. Details are as follows: & lt; /div> < div> , cable steel strip, the process of copper strip continuous armor and shield, local would suddenly appear oxidation phenomenon, due to the production process, equipment continuous start soon, when cable wholesale operators found in the production process, may not be qualified products. < /div> < div> Part, the process of continuous production line, steel chain would suddenly appear the phenomenon, because of the wire and cable wholesale production process of continuous fixed length of high-speed production, appear this kind of phenomenon, often lead to according to the fixed length of steel wire products delivery, cable procurement delay product delivery time, cause when the operator found unqualified products at the same time, the actual production process, not prevent beforehand. < /div> < div> , wire and copper conductor wire core rods aluminum surface local sometimes occur in the process of the continuous control of unhealthy phenomenon, broken wire drawing and winding process, the cable is not found in time after purchase operators and prevention, completely is the line until the finished product or wire core can be found that cause serious adverse skin regeneration silk products, waste a lot of copper and aluminum. < /div> < div> 。 Medium-pressure crosslinking cable insulation materials used for packaging box, local small impurities, such as internal production process can't advance the time prevention, only do tests can be found in the insulation wire core shielding, wire and cable wholesale composite and locate the partial discharge test time caused a lot of waste and rework, serious when may lead to give up a lot of products. < /div> [zhdljyw edited]
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