The current problem of wire and cable production and export in our country

by:AAA     2020-04-20
( Industry news] The current problems in China's wire and cable production and export jiangnan Wolf P problems existing in the current China's wire and cable production and export & lt; DIV风格= ' PADDINGRIGHT px; MARGINTOP px; FONTSIZE 1usg; OVERFLOWX隐藏; 宽度%; WORDBREAK breakall; px TEXTINDENT; LINEHEIGHT正常; px高度; 自动换行breakword的onload = '。 风格。 overflowX = & #; auto&#; ; '> main exports to the United States, the European Union and Hong Kong. Month, wire and cable exports to the United States, the European Union, Hong Kong, respectively. Ten thousand tons,. And ten thousand tons. Ten thousand tons, growth %, respectively. % and. %, wire and cable to the market's total exports accounted for the same period of the total export. %。 Pressure between v and v electric conductor as the main export varieties. In our export pressure between v and v electric conductor. Ten thousand tons of growth. %, China accounts for the cable of the total export. %; Export pressure shall not exceed the volt electric conductor. Ten thousand tons of growth. %, accounted for. %。 The current problem of wire and cable production and export in our country: first, China's wire and cable industry serious overcapacity, structural contradiction. The low barriers to entry, wire and cable industry enterprises in our country is numerous, currently has more than domestic wire and cable industry enterprises, the total capacity of up to more than double the total domestic demand. Products are mainly concentrated in the bare wires, power cables such as low technical content on the varieties of export is mainly concentrated in this part. High and ultra-high voltage cables and cable technology content, although export growth faster but exports are still smaller. This year on China's export pressure than kv cable. Ten thousand tons, the growth of times, the electric wire electric cable exports account for the same period. %; Fiber optic cable for export. Ten thousand tons of growth. Times, accounted for. %。 Second, the cost of production rise too fast. The cost of raw materials in the wire and cable production about the proportion of the total cost in %. Since last year, copper, aluminum and plastic wire and cable main production raw material prices rise rapidly, this year China's copper, aluminium and plastic import prices rose range between % %, while the export price index is only wire and cable. ( In the same period last year for) , a large number of compressing the production enterprise's profit space. Third, wire and cable can not meet the environmental requirements of the foreign. At present, the flame retardant is required for the production of wire and cable in containing pbdes and polybrominated biphenyl, drawn up and the European Union ROHS directive requirements from (date) (month) (year), the electric and electronic equipment in the new market to ban the use of lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated diphenyl ether and polybrominated biphenyl and other harmful substances; Japan's top electronics companies have corresponding requirements, requirements since years used in all kinds of electrical wire and cable to pass the relevant environmental protection certification. Material as the basis of production of electrical and electronic equipment, wire and cable industry's ability to deal with green barriers directly affects the stability of the downstream industry electronic electrical equipment industry development. < /DIV>
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