Talking about the methods of 'insulation repair' of power cables

by:AAA     2020-04-02
The production of power cables is very considerable in China. The production of power cables is relatively cumbersome, and the production time is too long to cause faults. It is necessary to repair the insulation. The state also has relevant regulations on this issue. The general conventional repair method is to use the welding torch thermal repair method. This method is simple, convenient and practical, and the effect is also acceptable. However, after the repair place is used for too long, the insulation will shrink, the underground cable will not play a moisture-proof and waterproof role, and the shrinking part of the overhead power cable will be more and more extended. Another method is the Middle Head of the cable. This method is very effective in protecting the cable insulation layer. The structure of the product is mainly: covering the entire cable damage, through heat treatment or cold treatment, the cable can be wrapped quickly to achieve the ideal effect consistent with the original cable. However, this kind of material for repairing power cables is more expensive than the ordinary repair method, but the effect is very good. Especially in cable laying, cable damage to take the repair method. The repair method of power cable is probably these two kinds. Of course, there are also temporary insulation tapes on site that can be maintained, but it is only a temporary emergency. In the production process of the original factory, the relevant national standards stipulate that the insulation layer cannot be repaired without the written consent of the user. There are both advantages and disadvantages in repairing the insulation of the outer layer of power cables. Of course, it must be the original factory that does not repair it.
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