Talking about the methods of dry wrapped wire and cable head and Heat Shrinkable cable head

by:AAA     2020-03-22
There are many kinds of indoor cable heads, including indoor dry bag type, Heat Shrinkable type, paper insulated pouring type and so on. However, in general low-voltage power distribution projects, dry package and heat shrink are used. Dry package type: the materials are only made of high-voltage adhesive tape, phase color adhesive tape, plastic tape, wiring terminals, etc. , which are directly wound manually, and there is no additional protection on the cable core. Heat Shrinkable terminals: plastic gloves, plastic heat shrinkable tubes, phase color tubes, wiring terminals, etc. are all Heat Shrinkable with alcohol spray lamps. Shrink tubes first, then shrink gloves, phase color tubes, and crimp wire terminals. Different from the dry bag type, the protection level of the heat shrinkage method is relatively high, and the core wire has a layer of plastic pipe protection, which is relatively beautiful, and of course the price is much higher, 70 square gloves cost about tens of dollars. The construction organization design is compiled by itself after entering the site. If Party A and the design have requirements on the cable head, they can do it according to the requirements. If there is no requirement, they can choose their own practices. In fact, there is no pre-branch cable head. Pre-branch cables are finished products. According to the height of the floor and the length of the branch, they are processed by the manufacturer and can be directly hoisted at the site, the cable head is the same as the ordinary cable head, there is no difference. The Baotou of the cable branch is not processed on site and cannot be processed on site. The statement on the second floor is wrong, so only T-connection terminal box or puncture clamp branch can be used. The dry-wrapped cable head is generally used in low-voltage cable head, and the dry-wrapped cable head is wound by insulating plastic tape. Cast-type cable head is generally used in high-voltage cable head. It is a cast-type cable head formed by purchasing complete sets of finished molds and pouring insulating glue after installation. Heat Shrinkable cable heads are generally used in high and low voltage cable heads. They are used to purchase finished heat shrinkable tubes and Heat Shrinkable gloves, and gradually install them in place step by step. the cable head formed will be tightened.
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