Rubber cable metal sleeve equipment selection considerations

by:AAA     2020-02-27
Rubber cable metal sleeve equipment selection considerations. 1. Selection of metal sleeve equipment. What kind of metal sleeve equipment to choose should be considered from the performance and economy of the metal sleeve to be manufactured, mainly in the following six aspects :(1) Moisture blocking performance: The metal sleeve must be free of defects such as holes, sand holes, inclusions and cracks to ensure good waterproof, moisture blocking and sealing performance. (2) Shielding Performance: The metal sleeve must be able to meet the electrical performance requirements of the system, have structural electrical continuity, and ensure that the rated short-circuit current can be conducted. (3) Mechanical protection: The metal sleeve must be strong, anti-seismic, and can resist internal thermal expansion and external mechanical stress. (4) Long-term stability: the metal sleeve must have long-term operation stability to ensure the normal service life of the cable. (5)Economy: In addition to the above electrical- In addition to mechanical properties, the economy of the equipment should also be considered and reasonable cost performance should be selected. How to keep rubber cables: 1. Cables should be laid in separate trenches, firewalls and signs should be set up in cable trenches according to standards, and fire and blocking materials should be added to the outer layer of cables. It is strictly prohibited to mix power cables and security communication cables. II: all the cable holes passing through the wall floor and cable channel into the control room of the cable mezzanine control cabinet and instrument panel; The end of the cable corridor; At the bottom entrance and the upper end of the cable shaft crossing the floor; All shall be closed. Three: open cable trench should be covered with complete and strong cover plate. The inside of the cable trench should be kept clean, and no debris and garbage should be piled up. When there is open fire nearby, measures should be taken to prevent the fire from entering the cable trench. Rubber cables are high-tech and new-type cables manufactured by advanced technologies such as special compaction process and annealing treatment, in terms of electrical performance, safety performance and cost performance of practical application, rubber cable has obvious advantages instead of copper core cable. Rubber cable has comprehensive electrical performance, such: service life, conductivity, creep resistance, tensile strength and weight are better than traditional copper core cables. Under the condition of the same current carrying capacity, the weight of rubber cable is only 1/2 of that of ordinary copper cable. The price advantage of aluminum alloy material is also obvious. On the premise of satisfying the same electrical performance, the Engineering Cost of rubber cable is lower than that of copper core cable.
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